Create a Proxy/Create a URL

Use this form to generate "proxied" (remotely accessible) URLs to many restricted resources.

Why. Access to restricted resources such as databases, e-journals, and other commercial services is limited to Columbia network users. To provide remote access to Columbia affiliates, the Libraries operates a proxy server. When you connect to restricted resources through LibraryWeb or CLIO, you are automatically proxied as needed. This form generates proxied URLs for use beyond LibraryWeb and CLIO.

How. Input or paste a URL below. The form will return a proxied URL. If possible, test the URL from more than one computer to make sure the underlying URL is a stable one that will work from more than one computer (sometimes a URL to a specific article or Web page contains a session key that will not work from other computers).

Enter the URL below. If the URL is for a proxied resource, a stable, remotely accessible URL will be generated.