Food and Agriculture Organization: Sustainable Development Dimensions on Africa


  • Environment -- Home Page = Environnement -- Page d'accueil
  • Land Cover and Land Use (January 2000)
  • AFRICOVER Programme (1996-98) = Le projet AFRICOVER
  • Use of high-resolution satellite data in Chad (Dec. 1998)
  • Use of NOAA remote sensing data for Liberian forests (Dec. 1998)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Training in Kenya (Nov. 1998)
  • Projet Régional de Gestion de d'Information Environmentale (PRGIE) (juin 1997)
  • Climat et crise rwandaise (décembre 1996)
  • Rainfall Variability & Drought in Sub-Saharan Africa (May 1996)

Gender & Development

  • Gender. equity and rural employment -- Home Page (General)
  • Tanzania: communicating local farming knowledge (April 2001)
  • "Gender and decentralization programme, Lira District, Uganda" (April 2000)
  • "Agricultural implements used by women farmers in Africa: findings of a study conducted in 1998" (July 2001) -- A very brief summary in HTML and a fact sheet in downloadable PDF.
    -- See also, the French version.
  • Gender, biodiversity and local knowledge systems -- LinKS projects in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland, 1998--
  • FAO Regional Office for Africa: Programmes for women in agriculture and rural development (September 1996)


Land Tenure

  • Governance of Tenure -- Home Page (General)
  • Land reform. (Online)--Archive -- Rome: FAO, 1996-2006
    Archive of a bi-annual, multi-lingual bulletin on land reform, settlement, & cooperatives in developing countries.
  • "Enjeux fonciers et violences en Afrique: la prévention des conflits en se servant du cas du Nord-Kivu (1940-1994)" par P. Mathieu et al. (septembre 1999)
  • Mozambique Land Question (1996-97): Pt. 1 | pt. 2
  • "Législation foncière et gestion des ressources au Niger" (mars 1998)
  • "Communal systems of land tenure and fair access to the land: the case of Lesotho" by Agostino Ambrogetti (November 1997)
  • L'onchocercose en Afrique de l'ouest, 1996: septembre | mars


  • People Home Page = Société Page d'accueil (General)
  • "Potential impact of AIDS on farming systems: a case study from Rwanda" by Stuart Gillespie (November 2001)
    Abstract and full article in downloadable PDF.
  • "Saving to death: a study of group based and other saving arrangements in rural Chivi District, Zimbabwe" by V. Dzingirai (August 2000)
  • "HIV/AIDS in Namibia: the impact on the livestock sector" by Ida-Eline Engh et al. (February 2000) (FAO-SDD, People: Population)
  • Participatory Action Research and People's Participation, May 1997:
    -- General report
    -- Sierra Leone
    -- Zambia
  • Zambia, Small Farmers (1996):
    Inter-Group Associations | Empowering Rural Women | Effect of Group Formation on Rural Women's Access to Services
  • People's Participation in Ghana - a Post-Project Study of Sustainability (May 1996)
  • A Strategy for Agricultural Research in Sub-Saharan Africa (March 1996)
  • Rural Development in W. Africa: The Naam Movement & the Six 'S' (Burkina Faso) (1996)
  • Women & Agriculture in Tanzania (June 1996)