Other Africa Related Web Sites

  • Africa South of the Sahara Internet Resources (Karen Fung, Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
    The most comprehensive "other" web site for African studies research.
  • Afrique Francophone (Lehman College, City University of New York, Department of Languages & Literatures; CUNY Graduate Program in French)
    An extensive list of links to francophone sites on Africa and the African Diaspora.
  • ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)
    • An indexing service provided by IDS. Papers are selected from all over the Internet based on topics in African, Asian, and Latin American studies. Documents are produced by research institutes or international organizations. Some documents are electronic versions of printed works, while others are full online documents--with citations and bibliographies. The Africa country guides provide links to Web sites, as well. Note: Some documents listed in the search are only accessible at the IDS library, University of Sussex.
    • ELDIS Home Page: select Countries, Topics, Key Issues...or Search
    • For Sub-Saharan Africa -and- North Africa & The Middle East development news and country profiles:
      Select Countries
  • H-Africa Home Page (H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan)
    Links to archives of debates and group forums on the H-Africa listserv, conference reports, thematic essays, tables of contents from African studies journals, and other information
  • ilissAfrica--Internet Library Sub-Saharan Africa (Universit├Ątsbibliothek, Goethe Universit├Ąt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
    A web portal of resources in English, French, and German. "ilissAfrica is a project of the Africa Department of the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg in Frankfurt on the Main in cooperation with the GIGA Information Centre: Africa Library in Hamburg." GIGA is the German Institute of Global and Global Studies.