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General Online News from South Africa and Southern Africa

  • Business day. (Online) -- Johannesburg: BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd., 1996-
    Current issue of daily financial and investment news, downloadable information, other links; plus a searchable archive of articles since 1997.
  • Business report. (Online) -- Johannesburg, South Africa: Business Report, 1998-
    The current issue of this daily business news, with a searchable archive of back issues since 1998.
  • The Herald. (Online) -- Harare: The Herald, 1998-
    Current issue and a small archive of back issues. If link is not working with Netscape, see also: the mirror site.
  • Independent Online News Service (South Africa)
    This service compiles current news and some back issue articles from The Cape Argus, The Star, and a growing number of other publications from all over South Africa.
  • The Mail & Guardian Daily. (Online). -- Johannesburg, South Africa : Mail & Guardian, 2000-
    Current news headlines. Warning: many reports--identified as "premium content", and the back issues archive (1994 to present), are accessible to overseas readers only through a low-price monthly subscription.
  • The Namibian (Online) -- Windhoek: The Namibian, 1997-
    Current issue of the electronic version of the daily newspaper, plus access to an archive of back issues (under construction).
  • Post, The. (Online) -- Lusaka, Zambia: The Post Newspapers, Ltd., 1995-.
    Access to current daily news and archives requires free registration/login.
  • Public eye. (Online) -- Maseru, Lesotho: Public Eye, 1997-
    Current and recent articles only of the electronic version of this daily newspaper.
  • SARDC--Southern African Research Documentation Centre (Harare, Zimbabwe; Maputo, Mozambique)
    • " independent regional information resource centre which seeks to enhance the effectiveness of key development processes in the SADC region through the collection, production and dissemination of information, and enabling the capacity to generate and use information."
    • SANF--Southern African News Features (2004-): plus archive of selected articles since 1998 (SARDC Regional Economic Development and Integration Programme)
  • Southern African review of books. (Online) Archive -- Ulm, Germany: Universit├Ąt Ulm, 1987-2007.
    --via The Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
    The archive of this once popular book review journal. See especially the SAROB anthologies, compiled by Robert Turrell. SAROB was a leading journal dealing with the cultural politics of Southern Africa, containing book reviews in the fields of literature and cultural studies, as well as essays, columns, and diaries.
  • The Sunday Times. (Online). -- South Africa: Times Media Ltd., 1997-
    Encompassing The Sunday Business Times: Current and selected back issues since 1996, with a searchable index.
  • The Zimbabwe Independent. (Online) -- Harare: Zimind Publishers Ltd., 1997-
    Access to current issue of this weekly newspaper, plus a link to the archive of back issues.
  • ZWNews.Com (London, UK)
    Current news reports on Zimbabwe and southern Africa mostly from South African and British media services; plus an "advanced search" for articles since 2000.

Financial & Business News Online

  • Business Day. (Online) -- Johannesburg: BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd., 1996-
    Current issue only...of daily financial and investment news, downloadable information, other links.
  • Business report. (Online) -- South Africa: Business Report, 2002--
    A compilation of daily news stories from major wire services on world business, South Africa, and Africa in general; plus links to business and investment data. Warning: the "article search" feature often does not yield good results.
  • Cape Business News. (Online) -- Cape Town, South Africa: CBN, 1980-
    The electronic version of the monthly newspaper, plus business information center for Cape Town and Cape Province, and a searchable business directory. The archives contains issues from the last three months and a larger collection is accessible via a search index.
  • The Financial Gazette. (Online) -- Harare, Zimbabwe : The Gazette, 1997-.
    This site offers the online version of the Zimbabwe financial weekly. Current issue and an archive of selected back issues since 2002 only.
  • The Namibia Economist. (Online) -- Windhoek: The Namibia Economist; via IAFRICA.COM, 1998-
    The current electronic issue of the Namibian business news weekly, plus a small archive of back issues.

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