2006 Master's Theses

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Author: Akram, Ayesha
Title: The White Face of Islam in America
Advisor(s): Samuel Freedman / Akeel Bilgrami
Format: Print

Author: Ax, Joseph
Title: Target Acquired: Somewhere, inside a political database, your name - and everything about you - is on a list. What does it mean for the future of democracy?
Advisor(s): Nicholas Lemann / Robert Shapiro
Format: Print

Author: Baker, Katie
Title: The Metaphysical Club: Children's literature authors Madeleine L'Engle and Philip Pullman take on fate, free will and the moral nature of our mysterious universe
Advisor(s): Michael Janeway / Deirdre Baker
Format: Print

Author: Bartosiewicz, Carol Petra
Title: A Tale of Two Cities
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille
Format: Print

Author: Day, Adrienne
Title: The BAM Plan
Advisor(s): Samuel Freedman / Reinhold Martin
Format: Print

Author: Del Toro, Natasha
Title: Cuban Artists and the Capitalist Exception
Advisor(s): Elizabeth Fishman / Alisa Solomon
Format: TV

Author: DeWitt, Sunshine K.
Title: Beyond Cholesterol: The Heart Disease Theory that Could Lead to a Cure in our Lifetimes
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar / Frank Lichtenberg
Format: Print

Author: Duricka, Tamara
Title: Celibacy and the City
Advisor(s): John Dinges
Format: Radio

Author: EnrĂ­quez Flores, Ana Cristina
Title: Shipping the Mexican Way: Live in NY, Have a House in Mexico
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille / Robert Courtney Smith
Format: Print

Author: Ford, Ruth
Title: Across the great divide: In the Methodist Church today, one issue threatens the church's future: What role, if any, can gays play in the life of the church?
Advisor(s): Dale Maharidge / Randall Balmer
Format: Print

Author: Gale, Ivan Emmanuel
Title: Climate Fix: Can Burying Carbon Save Us?
Advisor(s): Marguerite Holloway / Robert Socolow
Format: Print

Author: Grogan, Jennifer
Title: Balancing Science and Security: The Dilemma of Dual-Use Research
Advisor(s): Nicholas Lemann / Jonathan Cole
Format: Print

Author: Keim, Brandon
Title: Unclear Waters: Power Plants, Fish Kills & The Hudson River
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner / John Waldman
Format: Print

Author: Kiviat, Barbara
Title: The Town That Wal-Mart Left: How Livingston, Alabama, fought for - and lost - its most important store
Advisor(s): James Stewart / Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Lang, Thomas J.
Title: In Transit
Advisor(s): James Stewart
Format: Print

Author: Latiak, Ted
Title: A Lifetime of Service to the Nation: The Individual Ready Reserve and the Class of '98
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar / Michael Adler
Format: Print

Author: Lye, Bethany R.
Title: Big Charity
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner / Barry Collier
Format: Print

Author: Maloney, Jennifer
Title: All-American Muslim Girls
Advisor(s): Evan Cornog / Louis Cristillo
Format: Print

Author: Niknejad, Kelly G.
Title: Media and the Search for Democracy: The Story of the Iranian Diaspora
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille
Format: Print

Author: Ou, Han
Title: A Global Entrepreneur
Advisor(s): James Stewart / Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Poolos, Alexandra
Title: Putin vs. NGOs
Advisor(s): David Klatell / Edward Beliaev
Format: Print + TV (DVD not available)

Author: Quinn, Vonnie
Title: Risky Business: How Universities are Blithely Betting their Futures on Hedge Funds
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar / Perry Mehrling
Format: Print

Author: Ramirez, Elva
Title: Security + Design: Post 9/11 Influences on New York City Streets
Advisor(s): Samuel Freedman / Ethel Sheffer
Format: Print

Author: Schlesinger, Victoria
Title: Saving the World Never Seemed So Simple
Advisor(s): Marguerite Holloway
Format: Print

Author: Shafrir, Doree
Title: Mixtape Nation
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon / Farah Griffin
Format: Print

Author: Upson, Sandra
Title: Endless Plasticity: Animals, Environments and a Self-Doubting Science
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner
Format: Print

Author: Velasquez-Manoff, Moises
Title: At the Wrong End of a Hair Trigger
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner
Format: Print