2007 Master's Theses

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Author: Aguila, Justino Jr.
Title: The World of Ugly Betty
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon/Frances Negrón-Muntaner
Format: Print

Author: Akin, Stephanie
Title: Poor Choices: A new trend in health care pits doctors against hospitals, and could squeeze uninsured patients in the middle
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille/Michael Gusmano
Format: Print

Author: Benios, Thania
Title: Are There Too Many Scientists? A Look at the Postdoc Bottleneck
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner/Josh Gordon
Format: Print

Author: Breidthardt, Annika
Title: Is Germany Hemorrhaging? The Myth of the Brain Drain
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Chan, Megan H.
Title: Bridge to change: kunqu opera in America
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon/Shang Wei
Format: Print

Author: Chandrashekhar, Vaishnavi
Title: Seeing the Light
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner/Jeri Nieves
Format: Print

Author: Cui, Rong
Title: Going West: Fewer Chinese Students Fit the Familiar Mold
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Cunningham, Jaime Ann
Title: Parasite Hunting: The Scientific Community's Quest for a Malaria Cure
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner/Elizabeth Nardin
Format: Print

Author: Davis, Ryan
Title: Specialized Cinema: Niche Film Festivals in New York
Advisor(s): Diane Solway/Richard Peña
Format: Print

Author: Dodd, Scott
Title: From Hammerheads to Hair Cells: Hunting a Cure for Hearing Loss
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner/A. James Hudspeth
Format: Print

Author: Fernandes, Deepa
Title: The new New Orleans
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille/Sudhir Venkatesh
Format: Print

Author: Fishburn, Alice
Title: Sex Sells: Gender Selection and the American Baby Business
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille/Carole Vance
Format: Print

Author: Freedlander, David
Title: The New Cacophonists: Spectacle Reclaims New York Streets
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon/Reinhold Martin
Format: Print

Author: Ganeshananthan, V. V.
Title: Relative Rebellion: Writers on the Weather Underground
Advisor(s): Sam Freedman/Ann Douglas
Format: Print

Author: Huber, Michael B.
Title: Making the Leap: New York Musicians and the Transatlantic Jazz Network
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon/Robert O'Meally
Format: Print

Author: Jin, Bo
Title: Curse of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Film's Fate in the United States
Advisor(s): Alisa Solomon/Richard Peña
Format: Print

Author: Johnson, Gene Bryan
Title: From August Wilson to Tyler Perry: Crossing Paths on the Way to Tomorrow
Advisor(s): Sam Freedman/Margot Jefferson
Format: Print

Author: Landau, Elizabeth Rosa
Title: Evolving Exhibits: The Presentation of Evolution and Creation in American Museums
Advisor(s): Alexander Stille/Robert Pollack
Format: Print

Author: Lazo, Alejandro
Title: A Spring Street Investigation: How the Los Angeles Times Discovered Its Future on The Web
Advisor(s): James Stewart/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Lewis, Richard C.
Title: Windmills in the sea
Advisor(s): Marguerite Holloway/William Menke
Format: Print

Author: Malone, Matthew J.
Title: The Prodigal Son
Advisor(s): James Stewart/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Marder, Jenny
Title: This Is Your Brain On Stress
Advisor(s): Jonathan Weiner/Darcy Kelley
Format: Print

Author: Mead, Julia C.
Title: Collateral Damage: Mefloquine, Madness and the U.S. Military
Advisor(s): Marguerite Holloway/Awash Teklehaimanot
Format: Print

Author: Millner-Fairbanks, Amanda
Title: The Movement
Advisor(s): LynNell Hancock/Dorothy Shipps
Format: Print

Author: Nanda, Tanmaya Kumar
Title: In the Shadow of Steel: The transformation of a small town in India
Advisor(s): Sylvia Nasar/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Peer, Basharat
Title: After Afghanistan: Lives and Longings of Afghan Refugees in New York
Advisor(s): Ari Goldman/Miriam Ticktin
Format: Print

Author: Sanati, Cyrus
Title: Hunting Hunter: The Amaranth Saga
Advisor(s): James Stewart/Bruce Greenwald
Format: Print

Author: Shapiro, Lanie
Title: Stuyvesant Town, Petering Out: The Golden Era That Already Ended
Advisor(s): Nicholas Lemann/Ester Fuchs
Format: Print

Author: Sharrock, Justine
Title: A Nation of Torturers
Advisor(s): Maharidge, Dale
Format: Print

Author: Umansky, Eric
Title: Laws of Unintended Consequences: Have the U.S.'s chief anti-terrorism laws - the so-called "material support" provisions - gone too far?
Advisor(s): Tom Edsall
Format: Print

Author: Yefimov, Natalia
Title: Doing Lines: What Scientists Say About Waiting and What Waiting Says About Us
Advisor(s): Evan Cornog/Sudhir Venkatesh
Format: Print