2012/2013 Documentrary Projects

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AUTHOR: Alba, Monica and Teitelbaum, Ben
TITLE: Home Court
ADVISOR: Sacha, Bob

AUTHOR: Bennett, Danielle McGugins
TITLE: The Black Church and Same-Sex Marriage
ADVISOR: Freedman, Sam

AUTHOR: Bernas, Frederick
TITLE: Exploring Nuyorican Poetics, Then and Now
ADVISOR: Freedman, Sam and Bourin, Lennart

AUTHOR: Buckwalter, Sabrina
TITLE: Honey Laundering: A secret business exposed
ADVISOR: Coronel, Sheila

AUTHOR: Clark, Mayeta
TITLE: Piano Rites
ADVISOR: Cross, June and Burford, Melanie

AUTHOR: Denson, Gerald (Jay)
TITLE: Pole Fitness: A pole dancing story
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Dulworth, Sherrie
TITLE: The Grateful Dead
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Essler, Brett
TITLE: The Urban Hive: Beekeeping is back in New York City
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Estrada, John-Carlos
TITLE: The Journey to Lily Dale: Two New Yorker's trip to the town that speaks to the dead
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Fieseler Jr., Robert W.
TITLE: Bottle People
ADVISOR: Gilderman, Gregory

AUTHOR: Finkelstein, Russ
TITLE: Te Llevarás Tu Carro/ You'll Take Your Car With You
ADVISOR: Benitez, Juan Manuel

AUTHOR: Fiscina, Amanda
TITLE: Socializing the News: Will social media rescue or ruin journalism?
ADVISOR: Gilderman, Gregory

AUTHOR: Geraghty, Andrew
TITLE: Textile Recycling in New York City
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Holmes, Kristen and McCarthy, Sky
TITLE: Separate But Unequal: Exploring the education divide in the modern school system
ADVISOR: Weinberg, Howard

AUTHOR: Hussain, Ali
TITLE: The Night Watch
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Lee, Euna
TITLE: The Translator
ADVISOR: Bourin, Lenny

AUTHOR: Light, John and Stokes, Elaisha
TITLE: Faile Street
ADVISOR: Cross, June

AUTHOR: Lungariello, Mark
TITLE: Test Case: The fight for affordable housing in an affluent suburb
ADVISOR: Freedman, Samuel G.

AUTHOR: Micheles, Maria
TITLE: Hidden Humor of HIV
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Minerva, Lindsey
TITLE: Birthright's return on investment
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Medina, Daniel and Ruble, Kayla
TITLE: A Shtetl of Our Own
ADVISOR: Weinberg, Howard

AUTHOR: Mohora, Bogdan
TITLE: A Playground Grows in Hell's Kitchen
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Opabola, Maru
TITLE: A Match for Life
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Parrin, Anjli
TITLE: Diplomacy Games: How model United Nations has captured the imagination of the American University system
ADVISOR: Zuckerman, Jocelyn Craugh

AUTHOR: Penaluna, Regan
TITLE: Accepted but Not Encouraged: Mothers struggle to pump breast milk at work
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Perez, Luis R.
TITLE: Untitled
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Reece, Angela
TITLE: Wanderlust Above 30,000 Feet
ADVISOR: Goldman, Ari

AUTHOR: Mohney, Gillian
TITLE: The Legacy of the Atomic City
ADVISOR: Coyne, Kevin

AUTHOR: Robinson II, Edric A.
TITLE: Smoke-Free Housing
ADVISOR: Hoel, Lars

AUTHOR: Russell, Annie
TITLE: The New Rulebook: free Digital Music
ADVISOR: Hoel, Lars

AUTHOR: Silva, Steve
TITLE: The kidney shortage: is it time to compensate donors?
ADVISOR: Shapiro, Michael

AUTHOR: Stuart, Elizabeth
TITLE: Second Chances: The fight to keep teen criminals out of adult court
ADVISOR: Giltin, Todd

AUTHOR: Walker, Mike
TITLE: Greeting from the Axis of Evil: Tourists find unexpected pleasures in North Korea, Iran and Chernobyl
ADVISOR: Freedman, Samuel G.