Finance Data

  • DataStream
    • Time series covering stocks, bonds, commodities and economic data by country
    • Available on-site in the Business and Economics Library.
  • Wharton Research Data Service via WRDS descirption
    • A collection of financial, economic, and marketing data sources.
    • Includes Computstat, CRSP, Global Insight, OptionMetrics and much more.
  • International Financial Statistics (IFS) via IMF eLibrary Data
    • Time series data by country.
    • Includes: exchange rates, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, national accounts, and more.
  • Government Finance Statistics (GFS) via IMF eLibrary Data
    • Time series data by country.
    • Includes: detailed annual statistical data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors as reported by member countries.
  • Balance of Payments Statistics (BPS) via IMF eLibrary Data
    • Time series data by country.
    • Information on the balance of payments among countries and geographical areas of the world.
  • Bloomberg (help guide)
    • Real-time prices, futures, options, and spot rates for commodities and currencies.
    • Data on financial instruments like debt (corporate/government), equities, indices, mortgages, short term paper and more.
    • Real-time newswires
    • Available at dedicated workstations in the Lehman Library or the Business and Economics Library.
  • Global Development Finance (GDF), a component of the World dataBank
    • For developing countries time-series data on resource flows, financial indicators including workers remittances, external debt stocks, debt flows and more.
  • Global Financial Data (GFD) (CLIO access)
    • Long term historical indices for a wide range of financial and economic indicators including: GDP, monetary rates, interest rates, stock and bond markets, and more.
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
    • The OECD maintains a number of databases containing time-series data.
  • CEIC Data Manager
    • Interface for economic and financial indicators by country; includes databases specific to China and India.
  • EIU Country Data
    • Annual economic indicators and forecasts
    • Economic structure, foreign payments, external debt stock, external debt service, external trade, trends in foreign trade, quarterly indicators.
  • Selected Online Resources

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