Opinion Poll Data

U.S. Opinion Poll Data

Roper iPoll (CLIO record

  • Content
    • Provided by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University, Roper iPoll is the largest collection of public opinion poll data with results from 1935 to the present. 
    • Roper iPoll contains nearly 800,000 questions and over 23,000 datasets from both U.S. and international polling firms.  
    • Surveys cover any number of topics including, social issues, politics, pop culture, international affairs, science, the environment, and much more.  When available, results charts, demographic crosstabs and full datasets are provided for immediate download.
    • Columbia users can register for personal accounts on Roper iPoll website using their Columbia UNIs.

ICPSR (many types of social science data including opinion polls)

  • Content
    • U.S. news and media polls
    • International polls (see below, in the section of "International Opinion Poll Data" )
    • Finding Tools
      Searches a bibliographic description (including abstract).
      Start by searching phrase, public opinion, and in the results screen you can then filter by topic, time period, geography and/or series name.

Odum Institute Dataverse Network
A collection of data, largely public opinion, that is part of a public data archive maintained by the University of North Carolina.

  • Odum Archive
    --Harris Collection (1950's forward)
    --National Network of State Polls (coverage varies by state)
    --USA Today (1984-1993)
    --Community Indicators Survey (Knight Foundation)
    • Georgia Polls via the University of Georgia Survey Research Center (data starting in 1980s)
    • Monmouth Polling Institute (New Jersey Polls starting in 2005)

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press is an independent, non-partisan public opinion research organization.

  • Content
    National, international and trans-national surveys covering attitudes toward politics, the press and public policy issues
    • Finding Tool
      All data files are listed chronologically under the "Datasets" tab on the main page or via Pew’s Databank page which lists datasets by topical project.
      To search for surveys on at topic use the “Question Search” tab on the main page or the site search box which searches the commentaries in the report.

Eagleton Poll Archive
A public archive of statewide polls of New Jersey residents conducted by Eagleton in conjunction with the newspaper, the Star Ledger.

  • Content
    Matters of political and social interest to residents of New Jersey.
    • Finding Tool
      Searches the question wording and returns questions.

Polling the Nations (complete data files not available)
A commercial index to question-level results

  • Content (1980s-forward)
    Local polls (city and state), as well as well as national and international polls from a variety of survey organizations.
    • Obtaining the Data
      Tabulated results for each question are reported; no data files are available.

Gallup Analytics

Gallup Poll Social Series (GPSS)

International Opinion Poll Data

This section covers sources specific to foreign countries and cross-national surveys.

Rope iPoll (CLIO Record)

  • Click the "Additional Search Filters", then use the "Country(ies)" search box to limit searches by country.
  • The collection is strong, but not limited to, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Latin America.
  • Columbia users can register for personal accounts on Roper iPoll website using Columbia UNIs

Collections Specific to Latin America

ICPSR contains thousands of opinion polls

  • Search the phrase, public opinion and then
    • Filter By Geography:
      selecting the name of the country you are interested (use "view all" if the name is not listed).
      the word Global if you want trans-national surveys.
    • Filter by Topic
      again use "view all" option if the name is not listed.
      You can then shorten the list with Filter by Series and/or Filter by Author as either may reflect a geographic coverage.
  • Trans-national Survey by Name

   Voice of the People
-ICPSR's Series entry

list of studies plus variable
search and online analysis

-ICPSR's Series entry

list of studies plus variable search and online analysis

-ICPSR's Series entry

list of studies plus variable
search and online analysis


-link to ICPSR page, search for series name

-link to Asiabarometer homepage


World Values Survey

The World Values Survey is a global research project that explores people’s values and beliefs, how they change over time.  The WVS in collaboration with EVS (European Values Study) carried out representative national surveys in more than 100 countries containing almost 90 percent of the world's population. It is conducted in waves, the first of which was conducted in 1981.  The site offers downloads of files and related documentation by wave, in integrated cumulative files, and via an online analysis tool.

Polling the Nations (complete data files not available)

  • A commercial index to question-level results.
  • Use the "Universe: Geographic area covered by the survey" search feature to limit by country or groups of countries.
  • Download only the tabulated responses to individual questions.
  • Only useful to identify surveys as complete data files are not available.