Research Data Management

Research Data Management

Research Data Management remains a vital component of any researcher’s work and, furthermore, plays a role in every aspect of research lifecycle. With CUIT’s Research Services department and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, the Libraries, through Research Data Services (RDS) and Digital Scholarship (DS), provide various resources to scholars for every step of their research projects.


The Libraries can help with


  • Planning
  • Discovering
  • Aggregating


  • Refining
  • Analyzing
  • Visualizing


  • Sharing
  • Publishing
  • Citing


  • Archiving
  • Protecting
  • Sustaining

Your Research Data

RDS and DS are here to help you with your research data. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Consultation: Reach out to us at We can help answer questions such as,
    • How do I get started working with research data?
    • How do I use the DMP Tool to write a Data Management Plan?
    • How do I work with the research data I have collected?
    • How do I publish and share the data I have analyzed?
    • How do I ensure that my data will be safe and available in the future?
  • Training and Instruction: We offer workshops such as the ones below. Reach out to us at if you would like to schedule a condensed workshop on demand.
    • “Research Data Management: Plans and More” [slides] This workshop introduces concepts for research data management and describes the foundations of a data management plan.
    • “Gitsertation: Scholarly Project Workflows” [slides] This workshop provides an introduction to some basic concepts from project management and applies them to a research project and research data workflow.

Technical Infrastructure with CUIT

  • Through the Research Services department, CUIT provides infrastructure for research data management. This includes:
    • Research Data Platform: A cloud-based solution for research data storage, discovery, analysis, collaboration and archive
    • LabArchives (co-sponsored with the Libraries): Paperless research notebook and lab manual solution for Columbia's researchers.
    • Cloud Research Computing Consulting: CUIT can help navigate the complicated web of services provided by various cloud computing companies and find campus discounts.
    • Secure Data Enclave: For sensitive data, CUIT can provide a secure environment that meets the highest government standards.

Grant Assistance and compliance with the research office

  • Our colleagues in the Research Office also provide various services, often in concert with the Libraries, to help you manage research data management requirements in the context of sponsored research and compliance. Their services include:
    • Data Manangement Plan Consulting Services: Email for consultation on especially the budgeting side of research data management in a sponsored project.
    • Data Storage Directory: The Research Office can help choose a data storage solution both during the data collection and analysis stages as well as during the dissemination and preservation stages.
    • Funding Agency Data Policies: The experts at the Research Office can help you navigate various policies surrounding research data.