Research Data Services Staff


Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen

Head, Research Data Services

Lehman Social Sciences Library
311 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-5664



Eric Glass

GIS / Metadata Librarian

Lehman Social Sciences Library
215 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-8878

Expertise: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including ArcGIS and QGIS, data management, web mapping and data visualization

Wei Yin

Wei Yin

Research Support & Data Services Librarian

Lehman Social Sciences Library
328 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-5272

Expertise: Data preparation and analysis using Stata, SPSS, Excel, and R; Quantitative/Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences, such as Demography, Regional Economics, Urban Planning

Digital Center Teaching Interns

The Teaching Interns are part of the Digital Center Internship Program, leading the R and Python Open Labs.


Binhan Wang

Degree Program: M.A. in Statistics
Internship: R Open Lab

Geospatial Research Interns

The Geospatial Research Internships are a collaboration between the Libraries and the Center for Spatial Research.

Buck Wanner

Buck Wanner

Degree program: PhD in Theatre
Internship: Collecting data on dance studios in NYC across decades, and using GIS methods to reveal how locations of studios have been affected by various changes in the NYC cultural landscape.