The Columbia University Libraries will award a series of internships to Columbia University graduate students to collaborate with librarians and technologists in supporting and promoting digital scholarship on the Columbia University campus. The internships can be rooted in the teaching and research support activities of any of several divisions of the Libraries. Students with a keen interest in digital scholarship will be recruited through a competitive process and will receive a stipend, as well as hands-on experience working with emerging digital practices within the digital centers.


Program Objectives

  1. To advance an expanding number of projects and applications in digital scholarship and learning that will be useful to the wider academic community.
  2. To expose the next generation of faculty and researchers to rich and innovative digital tools, methods and environments that will be useful in their future work and will improve their competitiveness in the academic marketplace.
  3. To create an opportunity for graduate students to develop useful tools and practices to be shared with library staff and other users, and through this interaction drive the creation of innovative research- and teaching-support models within the library.
  4. To present alternative career paths for those holding advanced degrees, specifically as professional-level collaborators in digital scholarship based within and outside of academic departments.
  5. To engage students with the everyday professional practices of librarians and provide experience with the operations of academic libraries, especially as they contribute to the educational goals of universities and impact teaching, learning, and research.
  6. To harness student expertise in technology and applied science to help the broader Columbia community to build skills around topics such as Python and R


Each participant will be assigned to a mentor who will be responsible for training and preparing the work plan for the project. This person will make sure that the intern is introduced to the unit staff and made to feel welcome. They will also coordinate communication with any academic unit where an intern might be working.

The participants will work in an environment where they feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.


Each participant will need to be enrolled as a student for the full academic year, from September through May.  Please see contacts if you have any questions or concerns about this requirement.

Each participant will make regular contributions to the Digital Centers Internship blog.



Interns will be paid $20.00 an hour and can earn up to $7500 during the academic year.



The Columbia University Libraries will award a number of Digital Centers Internships. A review board made up of staff from across the Libraries will select finalists from among the applications received. Finalists will be invited to a brief in-person interview. 

Priority will go to applicants with basic technological skills and subject background appropriate to any ongoing or new projects or initiatives. Staff members of Digital Scholarship and Research Data Services will identify and encourage qualified graduate students.


The program is open to all Columbia University graduate students.

The final selection decision for all internship offers will be made at the discretion of the Digital Centers staff.

Application Guidelines

Complete applications include:

  • Application form including the names of 2-3 references who are familiar with the applicant's work

Please also prepare a brief CV (two pages maximum) to be available upon request from the Digital Centers staff.

Deadlines and Timelines

  • Internships will be conducted over the course of the academic year.