Digital Internships Program

The Digital Internships Program is open to graduate students wishing to collaborate with librarians and technologists working in digital scholarship on campus. Students are recruited through a competitive process and successful applicants will receive a stipend and hands-on experience working in the fields of Digital Publishing, Digital Humanities, Digital Music, Research Computing, Digital Data, or Geospatial Research. 

Digital Publishing and Podcasting

The Digital Publishing & Podcasting intern mentors the 2019-2020 cohort undergraduate journal editors during the six-week fall publishing workshop series and supervises student progress on editorial work in weekly editorial meetings. Working with the Digital Publishing Librarian, the intern also supports the new “Podcast Club” which will be offered in both the fall and spring semesters, facilitating weekly club meetings, monitoring group progress, managing equipment and space use, and tracking digital files and documentation. This intern must be available Friday afternoons from 12:00-1:00 and Thursdays from 5:00-7:00.

Digital Humanities

The intern assists the Digital Scholarship Librarian and will be exposed to the professional work of digital scholarship in libraries, while learning necessary skills to pursue their own digital research project.

Digital Data

The digital data intern helps develop and lead Data Club sessions and workshops for data management, discovery, and analysis in concert with the Research Data Librarian.

Geospatial Research

The intern helps develop and lead Map Club sessions and workshops for GIS, cartography or other geospatial related technologies and applications working closely alongside the GIS Librarian. 

Research Computing

The Research Computing intern works with the Coordinator, Foundations for Research Computing to provide programming support and community facilitation for Python User Group, helps coordinate and (if desired) teach workshops and curates online resources on topics related to research computing.

Digital Music

The intern works to broaden engagement with tools for digital music, musicology, notation, and audio, in partnership with the Music Librarian and aligned with the Digital Music Lab. This can include designing and teaching/co-teaching workshops and tutorials, participating in lab hours, and related individual project work.

Program Objectives

  • To foster a community of scholars interested in emerging forms and methods of research and scholarship.
  • To expose the next generation of faculty and researchers to rich and innovative digital tools, methods and environments that will be useful in their future work and will improve their competitiveness in the academic marketplace.
  • To create an opportunity for graduate students to develop useful skills and practices to be shared with library staff and other users, and through this interaction drive the creation of innovative research- and teaching-support models within the library.
  • To present alternative career paths for those holding advanced degrees, specifically as professional-level collaborators in digital scholarship based within and outside of academic departments.
  • To engage students with the everyday professional practices of librarians in digital scholarship and provide experience with the operations of academic libraries, especially as they contribute to the educational goals of universities and impact teaching, learning, and research.
  • To harness student expertise in technology and applied science to help the broader Columbia community to build skills around topics such as Python, R, publishing and podcasting technologies, and music technologies.


Each participant will be assigned to a mentor who will train the student and prepare a work plan for the project. The Libraries is committed to fostering a work environment where interns are respected and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

The program is open to all Columbia University graduate students. Participants must be enrolled as a student for the full academic year, from September through May. 

Participants are expected to make regular contributions to the Digital Internship blog.

Interns will be paid $20.00 an hour and will work approximately seven hours a week (or the semester equivalent thereof) during the academic year.

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Applications must include 2-3 references who are familiar with the applicant's work. Please also prepare a brief CV (two pages maximum) to be available upon request from Libraries staff.

Please contact for questions.