Journal Publishing Partnerships

Columbia University Libraries support the creation and dissemination of quality, open-access research and scholarship in the form of journals, conference proceedings, and dynamic digital projects. We seek journal partnerships and projects that play at the boundaries of currently canonized fields, open new fields of inquiry, explore innovative methods, or invite new and traditionally underrepresented voices to be part of the scholarly conversation. 

Our program is built on partnerships between journal editors and the Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Division. Partners are offered resources, individual consultation, and workshop opportunities to learn how to operate publishing software and to conduct open, ethical, and efficient publishing workflows. New journal partnership proposals are considered twice each academic year in conjunction with a cycle of approval and onboarding for successful applicants occurring once in the Fall and Spring semesters. Please refer to the eligibility and application requirements below for information on joining our program.

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Who can work with us?

Any individual faculty member, librarian, or any department, center, research unit, or college associated with Columbia University or its affiliates can propose a digital project or journal partnership with the libraries.

Students both undergraduate and graduate can partner with the libraries with the written support of a faculty advisors. If the student journal is affiliated with or seeks to represent a department or unit on campus the consent of that department, center, or institute must also be obtained in writing.

What kind of journals do we partner on?

We seek out diverse and unique projects that aim to fill gaps in the scholarly record, to provide new publishing venues for disciplines outside the mainstream, graduate students, and emerging scholars, and that offer opportunities for participants to gain confidence and knowledge in academic publishing. Therefore we especially welcome journals that address subjects outside of the western canon and global north. We also support student-run journals edited by those who are committed to learning more about ethical publishing practice and developing professional academic skills. 

We partner with editors to develop entirely new journals as well as to transition existing journals to our open access program and technology platforms. 

Our Journal Publishing Services

Consultation and Education
  • Consultation and collaboration on project scoping

  • Training in editorial workflows and project management

  • Training in digital publishing production, accessibility, metadata creation for indexing and discovery, data management, and more

  • Training in the use and maintenance of Columbia’s Open Journals System (OJS) journal hosting software

  • Provision of documentation and templates for publishing including author contracts and media permissions forms
Technical Support
  • GoogleScholar Indexing and search engine optimization

For a full description of partner responsibilities and library services, please download a copy of our Journal Publication Partnership Agreement (PPA).

Application and Onboarding Process

New journal partnership proposals are considered twice each academic year in conjunction with a cycle of approval and onboarding for successful applicants occurring once in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Please note that the Libraries' journal publishing program is currently considering journal applications on a rolling basis. If interested, please submit an Journals Program application form.

Sample Partner Publications

Visit our journal showcase page to see examples of our journals and experience our Open Journals System platform. 


The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, a student publication produced at Columbia University School of Law, publishes interdisciplinary works rooted in feminist inquiry with the aim of promoting dialogue, debate, and awareness that broadens the concept of feminism as one that critically engages multiple and varied forms of social hierarchy and power differentials and their relation to the law.

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Current Musicology is a leading journal for scholarly research on music, publishing articles and book reviews in the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, and philosophy of music. The journal was founded in 1965 by graduate students at Columbia University as a semiannual review.

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