Recalls & Holds

A recall is a process in which a notice will be generated and sent to the user to which the item is currently checked out asking for the item to be returned within two weeks.  You may ask for a recall whenever you need an item to be returned as soon as possible.

A hold is a process in which the library will not allow an item to be renewed by the current borrower.  The user to which the item is currently checked out to will not be notified of the request, but will not be able to renew it.  You may request a hold on any item you do not need immediately.

Placing a Recall or Hold Request

You may request a recall or a hold for any item that is not on the shelf and whose status in CLIO is listed as checked out.

To request a Recall or a Hold, complete a request form at the Circulation Desk. Provide as much information as possible, including your name, UNI, telephone, email and address information.  Please also include information about the item to be recalled, such as the title, author, and call number.

Please be advised that you may not recall an item that is already overdue.  Also you can not recall an item that is currently on Reserve for a course.  If the item you need is at the bindery, we will place a hold on it for you and you will be notified when the item is available.

Requested items will become available to you only when they are returned to the Circulation Desk.

When an item you requested through a recall or hold becomes available for you use, we will notify you by email or telephone.  The library will hold the item for 14 days after notification.  Unclaimed items will be reshelved, and will become available for use by all library users.

Receiving a Recall or Hold Notice

Items currently checked out to you are subject to recalls or holds.  You may not renew such items.  We will notify you by email including the new date by which it should be returned to the Library.

Fines of $1.00 per day, to a maximum of $30, will be assessed if you fail to return the item by the new due date.  Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you fail to return a recalled item by the new due date given in the recall notice.  You will also be charged fines for every calendar day after the new due date until the item is returned.