Call Numbers of Papyrological Publications in Columbia Libraries

Call numbers refer to locations in Papyrology & Epigraphy Reading Room unless otherwise noted.

Actenstücke ButlerStx 063 M6 1886
Apa J see P.RevilloutCopt.
Apokrimata see P.Col. VI
Arb. see Pap.Arbeit.
Bal. see P.Bal.
BGU DT59 .B447 B47, except vol. 17 at PA3339 A6 Suppl. v. 7 2001
BKT PA3318 .B4, except vol. 9 at PA3318 .A39 1996g
BKU PJ2196 .B5
BM see P.Lond.Copt. I
Bürg. see Pap.Bürgsch.Copt.
C.Epist.Lat. PA6142 .C67 1992
C.Étiq.Mom. CN440 .B69
C.Gloss.Biling. PA442 .G45 1983 (vol. 1) and PA3339 .A6 suppl. v.8 (vol. 2)
Ch.L.A. RBML (closed stacks): B016.091 B83
Chrest. see Chrest.Mitt. or Chrest.Wilck., P.Chrest.Nouvelle, or P.Chrest.Revillout.
Chrest.Mitt. PA3341 .G7
Chrest.Wilck. PA3341 .G7
C.Illum.Pap. I ButlerStx ND2930 .I45 1992g
C.Jud.Syr.Eg. ButlerStx DS109.912 J8 1989g
CLT see P.CLT.
CMSS see P.Fay.Copt.
CO see O.Crum
C.Ord.Ptol. PA3339 .P37 no. 24
C.P.An. see P.Anag.
C.Pap.Gr. PA3343 .M36 1984 (vol. 1) and HB3661.7 .A3 C37 1985 (vol. 2)
C.Pap.Hengstl ButlerStx PA3316 .H44
C.P.Herm. see Stud.Pal. V.
C.Pap.Jud. DS135 .E4 T35
C.Pap.Lat. PA3335 .C38 1958
CPR PA3308 .C67 1895g
C.Ptol.Sklav. ButlerStx HT1371 .S357 1990
C.Zen.Palestine ButlerStx DS121.65 .D87 1997
Dikaiomata see P.Hal.
DJD see P.Mur.
Doc.Eser.Rom. ButlerStx 906 M5891 9
Ep. see P.Mon.Epiph.
Erbstreit SB I 4512
Feste GT4851 .V35 1964g
FIRA III KJA .R53 1940
G.S.M. see Shorthand Manuals.
Hall see O.Brit.Mus.Copt.
Heid.Veroff. see P.Heid.
Herm. see P.HermitageCopt.
Horoscopes ButlerStx 061 Am33 M v.48
J see P.KRU.
Jur.Pap. PA3343 .M94 1920g
KOW see O.Vind.Copt.
KRT see P.KRU.
KRU see P.KRU.
Kr see CPR II.
KSB see SB Kopt.
KTE see P.HermitageCopt.
KTM see P.MoscowCopt.
Lond. see P.Lond. IV and V.
M.Chr. see Chrest.Mitt.
Mich. see O.Mich.Copt., O.Mich.Copt.Etmoulon and P.Mich.Copt.
Mon.Epiph. see P.Mon.Epiph.; for Greek texts see SB IV 7477-7514.
Negotia see FIRA III
New Docs. ButlerStx PA810 .N45
O.Amst. PA3339 .S78 no.9
O.Ashm. in O.Bodl. I, pp. 63-81.
O.Ashm.Copt. PJ2193 .B54 2000
O.Ashm.Shelt. PA3371 .S5 1988g
O.Bawit Avery: AA216 .B33 .C58 Folio
O.Ber. see O.Berenike
O.Berenike PA3339 .P37 no. 31
O.Berl. PA3339 .H4 v.4
O.Bodl. PA3304 .B67
O.Brit.Mus.Copt. PJ2195 .H35 1905g and PJ2193 .B54 2000 (vol. 2)
O.Bruss.Berl. see O.Berl. and O.Brux.
O.Brux. Not in library
O.Buch PA3339 .S57 v. 6
O.BuDjem Not in library
O.Cair PA3303 .M3 G3 1986
O.Cair. see O.Cair.Cat.
O.Cair.Cat PA3371 .A1 1983; also Avery: AA 1582 .C13 Folio
O.Cair.GPW see O.Cair.
O.Camb in O.Bodl. I pp. 153-73
O.Claud CN441 .M66 M66 1992g (vols. 1 & 3 only)
O.Crum DT57 .E323
O.CrumST PJ2197 .C8; also ButlerStx 894.25 .C88
O.CrumVC PJ2195 .C85
O.Deir el-Bahari Not in library
O.Deiss. see P.Meyer.
O.Douch DT73 .K95
O.Edfou see P.Edfou.
O.Eleph.DAIK see P. Eleph. Wagner.
O.Eleph.Wagner see P.Eleph.Wagner.
O.Elkab Avery: AA215 D44 v.3 ?
O.Erem. PA3339 .A6 v.5
O.Fay. see P.Fay.
O.Florida ButlerStx 930 G813 no.7
O.Heid. see P.Heid. III.
O.Hor ButlerStx PJ1829 .R3
O.Joach. ButlerStx 063 S M no. 19
O.Leid. PA3309 .B33
O.Leid.Dem. ButlerStx PJ1829 .N8 1974
O.LeidenInsinger see O.Leid.
O.Lips. see P.Lips.
O.Louvre ButlerStx 892.06 B471 t.92
O.Lund. PA3371 .A1 1979
O.Magnien Not in library
O.Masada see P.Masada.
O.Mattha PA3339 .S57 v. 6
O.Medin.HabuCopt. PJ2193 .S7, also ButlerStx 892.06 C4333 v.71
O.Medin.HabuDem. ButlerStx 892.06 C433 v.80
O.Medin.Madi Avery: AA 216 F26 M691
O.Métrologie ButlerStx 894.12 R3263
O.Meyer see P.Meyer.
OMH see O.Medin.Habu.
O.Mich. PA3371 .A1 1935
O.Mich.Copt ButlerStx 894.25 W8963
O.Mich.Copt.Etmoulon ButlerStx 894.25 W8963
O.Minor in O.Bodl. I, pp. 174-81.
O.Mon.Phoib. ButlerStx 932.062 B12
O.Muhs Not in library (Diss.)
O.Muzawwaqa Avery: AA 215 D41 Folio
O.Narm. CN441 .N37 P56 1993
O.Narm.Dem. DT73 .M35 O87 1983
O.Oasis ButlerStx 892.06 B471 t.100
O.Ont.Mus. PA3371 .A1 1971
O.Oslo ButlerStx 068C M1 1933 1
O.Paris see P.Paris.
O.Petr. in O.Bodl. I, pp. 82-152.
O.Quseir see P.Quseir.
O.ROM see O.Ont.Mus.
Oroscopi ButlerStx BF 1674 .N4 1992g
O.Sarga see P.Sarga.
O.Stras. PA3371 .A1 1923
O.Tait see O.Bodl.
O.Tebt. see P.Tebt. II.
O.Tebt.Pad DT 73 .T24 O84
O.Tempeleide ButlerStx 894.11 Ag98 v.6 (1963)
O.Theb PA3371 .A1 T54 1913g
O.Viereck see O.Stras.
O.Vind.Copt. ButlerStx 063V M v. 78.1 (1960)
O.Vleem. PA3301 .P34 v.26
O.WadiHamm. in ZPE 98 (1993) 111-156. PA3339 .Z45
O.Wåcngstedt ButlerStx 894.15 W18
O.Waqfa ButlerStx DT73 .A95 C88 1993g
O.Wilb. PA3371 .A1 1935a
O.Wilck. PA3371 .A1 1899, repr. PA3371 .A1 1970
O.Zereteli see O.Erem.
O.Zürich Not in library?
P.Aberd. ButlerStx 062 At3 no. 116
P.Abinn. DG316.7 B4
P.Achm. PA3318 .P37 1930g
P.Ackerpacht. PJ1901 .F46 1997g
P.Adl. PA3315 .G4
P.Äg.Handschrift. ButlerStx Z6605 .O7 V4 Bd. 19
Pap.Agon. PJ1014 .P3 v.13
P.Alex. ButlerStx 930 P76 t.2
P.Alex.Giss. PA3339 .P37 no. 7
P.Amh. PA3304 .A5
P.Amh.Eg. Not in library?
P.Ammon KL2814 .A2 1997g
P.Amst. see P.Gron.
P.Amst. I PA3339 .S78 no. 14
P.Amstel. see P.Gron.
P.Anag. Z108 .A6 vols 1-3 (1981-1983)
P.Ant. PA3331 .A65
P.Aphrod.Lit. PA 3968 .D62 Z66 1999g
P.Aphrodito see Grundz.Wilck. xxv for various editions.
P.Apoll. ButlerStx 961 C12 v. 19 folio
Pap.Arbeit. ButlerStx 880.5 Eo7 v.48.1 (1956)
P.Arsinoe see P.Haw.
P.Artemisia text in SB I 5103, UPZ I 1.
P.Ashm. PJ1811 .O9 1973
P.Ashmol. see P.Ashm.
P.Assoc. ButlerStx 892.06 B471 v.46
P.Athen. PA3312 .A8 1939
P.Athen.S.A. see P.Athen.
P.Athen.Xyla PA3312 .M36 1993g
P.Ausonia texts now in P.Flor. III 291, 357, 358.
P.Aust.Herr. Diss.; reprinted in SB XX 14470-14493
P.Auswahl Not in library
P.Babatha DS 110 .J8 D62 1989g
P.Bacch. in Yale Classical Studies 10 (1947) pp. 179-281 ButlerStx 880.8 Y122
P.Bad. PA3301 .V4
P.Bakchiastexte see P.Lund IV.
P.Bal. PJ 2195 .K3
P.Bankakten see P.Berl.Frisk.
P.Bas. PA3308 .B2 1917g
P.Batav. PA 3301 .P34 vv. 19, 23, 25
P.Beatty BS64 .B5 1933
P.Beatty Panop. see P.Panop.Beatty.
P.Beauge texts in P.Cair.Masp. II 67156, III 67279, 67305.
P.Benaki Precataloging: ARP8966
P.Ben.Mus. see P. Benaki
P.Berl.Bibl. Missing from Butler
P.Berl.Bork. DT 61 .B67
P.Berl.Brash. Not in library (Diss.)
P.Berl.Dem. PJ1845 .E6 Z3
P.Berl.Eleph. see P.Berl.Dem. I or P.Eleph.Dem.
P.Berl.Frisk ButlerStx 068G M ser. 5(A) v.2
P.Berl.Kaufv. see P.Berl.Dem. II.
P.Berl.Leihg. AS284 .U7 1932 (vol. 1) and ButlerStx 880.8 Up66 v.12 (vol. 2)
P.Berl.Möller PA3308 .B7 M65 1929g
P.Berl.Sarisch. PA3341 .S27 1995g
P.Berl.Schmidt RBML: B016.091 G317
P.Berl.Spieg. PJ1811 .K66 1902g
P.Berl.Thun. PA3342 .T58 1924g
P.Berl.Zill. ButlerStx 069F HC v.11
P.Bibl.Univ.Giss. see P.Giss.Univ.
P.Bingen DE 1 S78
P.BM Andrews see P.Brit.Mus. IV.
P.BM Glanville see P.Brit.Mus. I.
P.BM Reich see P.Brit.Mus.Reich.
P.BM Siut see P.Siut.
P.Bodl. I PA3339 .S78 v. 34
P.Bodm. ButlerStx 887.17 P1994
P.Boissier text now Chrest. Wilck. 13.
P.Bon. PA3342 .M66 1953g
P.Bour. PA3306 .C65 1926g
P.Brem. PA3308 .B84 1936g
P.Brit.Mus. PJ1811 .B7 1939 (except vol. 2 not in library)
P.Brit.Mus.Reich ButlerStx 063V M v. 55.3
P.Brookl. PA3305 .B87 1992
P.Brookl.Dem. republished as P.Recueil 46
P.Brookl.Pierce see P.Brookl.Dem.
P.Brux. PA3306 .B7 1974
P.Brux.Dem. ButlerStx 894.15 B838
P.Bub. PJ1014 .P3 v. 15
P.Bürgsch. ButlerStx 063L M v. 32 (1920)
Pap.Bürgsch.Copt. ButlerStx 961 So 133
P.Buttmann text in UPZ II 175b.
P.Cair. PA3303 .M37 1973g
P.Cair.Byz. see P.Cair.Masp.
P.Cair.Cat. Microfiche FX3 788
P.Cair.GH see P.Cair.Cat.
P.Cair.Goodsp. Microfiche: FX3 785
P.Cair.Isid. PA3315 .B6
P.Cair.Masp. PA3303 .M37 1973g
P.Cair.Mich. HJ213 .T39
P.Cair.Preis. Microform: F h535
P.Cair.Zen. Microfiche: FX3 468; vol. 5 only also at PA3339 .S57

PJ1809 .D266 1991g (vol. 1), PJ1680 .T42 O7 1998g (vol. 2), precataloging: APU4414 (vol. 3), and PJ1849 .R95 1999g (vol. 4)
P.Casati see UPZ II 180a.
P.Catt. see Chrest.Mitt. 88 and 372 for No. I and SB I 4284 for No. II.
P.CattleDocs. KRB .C79 1985g
P.Ceriani see UPZ I 46.
P.Charite PA3339 .S78 no. 12
P.Chept. ButlerStx PA3339 R43 v.3
P.ChesterBeatty see P.Beatty.
P.Chic. Not in library
P.Chic.Goodsp. see P.Kar.Goodsp.
P.Chic.Haw. PJ1845 .F38 H84 1997g
P.Choach.Survey CD2339.5 A1 C566 1993g
P.Choix ButlerStx 408 B74 no. 300 and ButlerStx 894.15 M295
Pap.Choix Not in library
P.Chrest.Nouvelle ButlerStx 894.15 R326
P.Chrest.Revillout ButlerStx 894.15 R325
P.Chrestomathie see P.Chrest.Revillout.
P.Chronik ButlerStx PJ1811 .D46 1901 Heft 7
P.CLT Law: A.Hel 150 Sch 3
P.Col. PA3305 .C6
P.Col.Zen. see P.Col. III and IV.
P.Coll. Hell. I see C.Jud.Syr.Eg.
P.Coll.Youtie PA3339 .C6
P.Colon. see P.Köln.
P.Colon.Panop. see P.Panop.
P.Cong.Omaggio see PSI Congr.XI.
P.Congr.XV PA3339 .P37 no.17
P.Corn. PA3305 .C7 1926
P.Copenhagen text now in SB I 428; see also P.Haun.
P.Corpus see P.CorpusRevillout
P.CorpusRevillout Not in library
P.CrumST see O.CrumST
P.CrumVC see O.CrumVC
P.Customs PA3339 .S78 no. 17
P.David PA3301 .P34 v.17
P.Demotica PJ1107 .S65 1925g
P.Denkschriften see the listing in SB II. pp.74-82.
P.Didot text now in UPZ I 56.
P.Diog. PA3369 .A75 1990g
P.Dion. PA3301 .P34 v.22
P.Dion.Herm. ButlerStx PJ1501 M3 v.18
P.Dresden text now in UPZ I 34, 43, 44.
P.Droysen texts now in UPZ II passim .
P.Dubl. PA3304 .G73 1995g
P.Dura Z6604 .W45 1959g
P.Edfou ButlerStx 961 F82
P.Edg. Microfiche: FX3 787
P.Edmondstone see BASP 15 (1978) 235-36. AS36 A497 A2 v.15
P.Egerton ButlerStx 887.17 B776
P.Egger Avery: AC So131
P.Ehevertr. ButlerStx 894.11 Ag98 v.1
P.Eitrem see listing in SB II p.83.
P.Eleph. DT59 .B447 B47a Suppl.
P.Eleph.DAIK see P.Eleph.Wagner.
P.Eleph.Dem. PJ1811 .D46 1901 Heft 2
Pap.Eleph.Eng. ButlerStx DS1 .D6 v.22
P.Eleph.Wagner Avery: AA 216 EL27 W12 Folio
P.Enteux. PA3339 .S57 v. 1
P.Erasm. PA3339 .P37 no. 21 (vol. 1) and PA3339 .S78 no. 32 (vol. 2)
P.Erbstreit ButlerStx PA3343 .G7
P.Euphr. In Journal des Savants; #1-5 in 1995 and #6-10 in 1997 ButlerStx AS161 .J7
PERF PA3339 .V5
P.Erl. RBML: B016.091 G317 Er522 v.31
Pes. see P.Pisentius.
P.Fam.Tebt. PA3301 .P34 v. 6
P.Fam.Theb. DT66 A8
P.Fay. PA3315 .F3 1970z
P.Fay.Copt. ButlerStx 894.25 C883
P.Feste see Feste.
P.Flor. PA3310 .F6
P.Forshall PA3304 .B854 F
P.Fouad PA3339 .S57 v.3
P.Frankf. ButlerStx 063H P2 1920
P.Fraser text now in UPZ I 158b,c.
P.Freer Diss. in Law, microfilm For 76
P.Freib. ButlerStx 063H P2 1914 (vol. 1), ButlerStx 063H P2 1916 (vol. 2), ButlerStx 063H K 7-10 (vol. 3), and ButlerStx PA3308 .G74 1986 (vol. 4)
P.Frisk see P.Berl.Frisk.
P.Fuad see also P.Fouad.
P.FuadCrawford see P.FuadUniv.
P.FuadUniv. PA3339 .S57 v.8
P.Gebelen PA3308 .H45 n.F. Nr. 1-4
P.Gen. PA3318 .G46 1896g
P.Genova PA3310 .A5
P.Gentili text now SB I 5658, P.Flor. III 368-370.
P.Germ. text now SB I 3924.
P.Giss. PA3308 .G5
P.Giss.Apoll. Not in library?
P.Giss.Bibl. see P.Giss. Univ.
P.Giss.Lit. Not in library?
P.Giss.Univ. ButlerStx 063 G3 T 1924-4 (vol. 1), 1928-1 (vol. 2), 1931-3 (vol. 3), 1935-2 (vol. 4), 1939 (vol. 5), 1939-2 (vol. 6); index at Z6604 .G54 Nr. 35; whole also at Microfiche: FX3 784
P.Gnomon see BGU V.
P.Goodsp. see P.Cair.Goodsp., P.Chic. and P.Kar.Goodsp.
P.Got. ButlerStx 068g T v.35
P.Grad. ButlerStx 063H P2 1914 and Microfiche: FX3 783
Pap.Graec.Mag. PA3301 .P3 1973
P. Graux PA3323 .C88 1995g (vol. 2) and PA3314 .F8 P37 1997g (vol. 3); for vol. 1 see SB IV 7461-7468.
P.Graz texts now in Stud.Pal. IV pp. 114-21, P.Turner 50, and SB XVI 12484.
P.Grenf. PA3316 .G74 1896g (vol. 1) and PA3316 .G744 1897g (vol. 2)
P.Grey texts now in UPZ II 165-67.
P.Gron. ButlerStx 069H Ab1 v.32
P.Gr.Texte see P.Mey.
P.Gur. PA3304 .D82 1921g
P.Hal. KL190 .P37 1913g
P.Hamb. Z6621 .H194 G74 1911 & 1954 & 1984 (vols 1-3) and PA3339 .A6 Beiheft 4 (vol. 4)
P.Harr. PA3304 .W6 (vol. 1) and PA3339 .S78 no. 26 (vol. 2)
P.Harrauer Not in library
P.Haun. PA3318 .H38 1924
P.Hausw. PJ1811 .D46 1901 Heft 12
P.Haw. = P.Hawara Missing from Butler
P.Heid. PA3308 .H45
P.Hels. PA3309 .P37 1986
P.HengstenbergCopt. Not in library
P.Hercul. Z6604 .C37
P.Herm. HF366 .R4
P.Hermias Not in library
P.Herm.Landl. PA3339 .S78 no. 7
P.HermitageCopt. ButlerStx 894.25 Er63
P.Hernals see listing in SB II p.93.
P.Hess. see P.Giss.
P.Hever ButlerStx PJ 5208 .A2 1997
P.Hib. PA3315 .H5
P.Holm. ButlerStx 068U T5 v.13
P.Hombert PA3339 .P37 no.15
P.Hou Not in library?
P.Iand. PA3308 .P3
P.Iand.inv. 653 PA3339 .P37 no.1
P.Ibscher see P.Hamb. II and Montevecchi, La Papirologia p.418. PA3341 .M6 and PA3341 .M78 1988g
P.IFAO ButlerStx 892.06 B471#54-6
P.Innsbruck text in UPZ I 136.
P.Ital. Avery: AC Sv2 v.19
P.Jand. see P.Iand.
P.Jena PA3308 .J46 1926g
P.Jernstedt text now Chrest.Wilck. 155
P.Jews see P.Lond. VI
P.Jomard text in P.Paris p. 257
P.Jud.Des. see P.Mur.
P.Kar.Goodsp. PA3316 .P742 / 880.5 C43 v.3
P.Karanis see P.Kar.Goodsp.
P.Katoché PA3339 .H4 Schrift 1-6
P.Kell. PA3341 .G65 1995g
P.Kl.Form. see Stud.Pal. III and IV
P.Köln PJ1014 .P3 v.7
P.KölnÄgypt. PJ1014 .P3 v.9
P.KölnDem. see P.KölnLüddeckens.
P.KölnLuddeckens PJ1014 .P3 v.2
P.Köln Panop. see P.Panop.
P.Kroll Reprinted in SB VI 9316, SB XVI 12540, P.Köln VII 313
P.Kron. CS 1659 .K76 1971
P.KRU PJ2195 .C78 1971g
P.LandLeases ButlerStx 892.06 C434 v.28
P.Landlisten see P.Herm.Landl.
P.Laur. PA3310 .B5 1976, except vol. 5 at Z6621 .B553 C66 1984
P.L.Bat. see Pap.Lugd.Bat.
P.LeedsMus. Z6604 .L4 1983g
P.Leid. AncMed: PA3309 .L7 1843a
P.Leid.Dem. PJ1811 .L4 1863g F
P.Leid.Inst. PA3301 .P34 v.25
P.Leipz. ButlerStx 063L P
P.Leit. JC66 .L46 1963
P.Lesestücke Not in library
P.Lewald see P.Frankf.
P.Libbey Republished in P.Ehevertr. 7, 9, 39; SB I 2051
P.Libelli see for listing SB II p. 140.
P.Lille PA3306 .P3 1975
P.LilleDem. PJ1811 .L5 1921 (vol. 1), PJ1901 .C4 (vol. 2), andButlerStx 961 C123 t. 110 (vol. 3)
P.Lips. (see also P.Leipz.) PA3308 .L45 1906g
P.Lit.Lond. see P.Lond.Lit.
P.Loeb PJ1811 .M8 1931
P.Lond. PA3304 .B85
P.Lond.Copt. London. RBML: B016 .09 IG79 B7733
P.Lond.Lit. PA3318 .B8
P.Lonsdorfer PJ1809 .J86 1921g
P.Louvre see UPZ passim; cf. also P.Denkschriften.
P.Louvre I ButlerStx PA3316 G7 1998g
Pap.Lugd.Bat. PA3301 P34
P.Lund ButlerStx 068L1 T, except vol. 4 at DT73 .B3 K5
P.Magd. see P.Lille II.
P.Magirus texts now in SB I 5317-40.
P.Mallawi ButlerStx PJ1501 M3 v.2
P.Marini Not in library
P.Marm. PA3994 .F4 N6 F
P.Masada DS110 .M33 M37 1989g v.2
P.Maspero see P.Cair.Masp.
P.Matr. CN398 .S7 D37 1990g
P.Med. see P.Mil.
P.Medin.Madi see O.Medin.Madi.
P.Meerman. Not in library
P.Mél.Rev. see the listing in SB II p.140 under Revillout, Mélanges.
P.Mert. Z6621 .C482 M464
P.Meyer PA3308 .B7 M4
P.Mich. PA3305 .M5, except vol. 9 at ButlerStx 406 Am35 no.29, vol. 11 atPA3341 .S54, vol. 13 at PA3339 .S78 no.10, vol. 15 at PA3339 .S78 no.19, vol. 18 at PA3339 .S78 v.36
P.Mich.Aphrod. ButlerStx KJ A670 .E3 1994
P.Mich.Browne see P.Mich. X.
P.Mich.Copt. ButlerStx 894.25 W8963
P.Mich.Mchl. Diss; reprinted in SB XII 11103-11130
P.Mich.Nims ButlerStx 894.15 N619
P.Mich.Shelton see P.Mich. XI.
P.Mich.Sokn.Nes. texts now SB V 7818-32.
P.Mich.Zen. see P.Mich. I.
P.Michael. PA3303 .C73 1955g
P.Mil. PA3310 .M53 no.1-2
P.Mil.Congr.XIV PA3339 A4 v.54
P.Mil.Congr.XVII PA3339 A4 v.63
P.Mil.Congr.XVIII PA3339 A4 v.66
P.Mil.Congr.XIX PA3339 A4 v.69
P.Mil.Vogl. [CG] PA3310 .M3 1966
P.Milit. see Rom.Mil.Rec.
P.Mimaut text now Pap.Graec.Mag. I 3.
P.Minutoli see UPZ II 181.
P.Mitt.PER, P.Mitt.Rain.,
P.Mitteilungen Wien
PA3308 .V5; also Microfiche FX3 794
P.Möller see P.Berl.Möller.
P.Mon. see P.Monac.
P.Mon.Apollo Not in library
P.Mon.Epiph. DT73 .T3 W48 1926 and Avery: AA 368 Eg9 W72 Folio
P.Monac. PA3308 .B3 v.1 F
P.MorganLib. Fine arts: ND2 930 P6
P.MoscowCopt. ButlerStx 894.25 Er63
P.Mun. see P.München
P.München PA3308 .B3 1986
P.Mur. ButlerStx 893.101 D343-5
P.Murabba'ât ButlerStx 893.101 D343
P.NagHamm. BT 1390 .N33213 1981
P.Naqlun PA3315 .D44 D472 1995g
P.Neph. PA3318 .H4 A8 1987g
P.Ness. Avery: AA240 C72 (vol. 1) and DS109.8 N4 C65 1950g (vols. 2-3)
P.Neutest. see P.Mey.
P.New York see UPZ I 132,134.
P.NouvelleChrest. see P.Chrest.Nouvelle.
P.NYU PA3305 .N4
P.Oslo PA3308 .O8
P.Oxf. PA3301 .P34 v.3
P.Oxf.Griffith ButlerStx PJ1845 .F38 A7
P.Oxford see P.Oxf.Griffith.
P.Oxy. PA3315 .O8 but missing vol. 65
P.Oxy.Astr. ButlerStx Q11 .P612 v.233
P.Oxy.Census PA3339 .P37 no. 29
P.Oxy.Descr. AS36 A497 A2 v. 31 (1994)
P.Oxy.Hels. PA3315 .O83
P.PalauRib. PA3310 .D37 1995g
P.Panop. PA3315 .A32 V74 1980g
P.Panop.Beatty PA3304 .D8
P.Panop.Borkowski see P.Berl.Bork.
P.Papyrus Roll see P.Princ.Roll.
P.Par. see P. Paris
P.Paris RBML: B016.091 F84 P21893
P.Passalacqua see UPZ II 159.
P.Petaus PJ1014 .P3 v.4
P.Petersb. Microfiche: FX3 192
P.Petr. PA3304 .F55 1891g
P.Petr.2 I PA3304 .P4 1991g
P.Petrettini PA 3308 .v4 Plimpton lib.
P.Pher. PA3339 .S78 no. 33
P.Phil. PA3339 .S57 v.7
P.Philad. see P.Fam.Theb.
P.PisaLit. PA3319 .A4 1978
P.Pisentius Not in library?
P.Polit.Jud. ButlerStx DS135 .E4 U758 2001g
P.Pommersf. PA3339 .M94 Heft 86
P.Prag. PA3314 .C95 P2 1988g v.1
P.Prag.Satzung. ButlerStx 906 D235 v.4; also Law: A.Hel 160 Er43
P.Prag.Varcl PA3314 .C95 P2 1988g
P.PRIMI see P.Mil.Vogl. I
P.Princ. PA3305 .P7
P.Princ.Roll PA3305 .P73 1932
P.Princ.Scheide see Princ.Stud.Pap. III. BS1544 .G7 J6
P.QuelquesTextes Not in library
P.Quseir AS36 .A497 A2 v.23
P.Rain.Cent. PA3301 .P36
P.Rain.Unterricht PA3308 .V52 v.15
P.Rain.UnterrichtKopt. PA3308 .V52 v.18
P.Real.Ist.Veneto texts now in P.Flor. III, 280, 283, 286.
P.Recueil Not in library
P.Rein. PA3306 .R4 1972 (vol. 1) and PA3306 .R43 1940g (vol. 2)
P.Rend.Harr. see P.Harr.
P.Rev. PA3323 .R4 1896; reed. PA3316 .P742
P.RevilloutCopt. Law: A. Hel 150 R32
PRG see P.Ross.Georg.
P.Ross.Georg. PA3313 .T7 1966
PRUM see P.Mil.Vogl. I.
P.Ryl. PA3304 .M31
P.Ryl.Copt. RBML: B016 .091 G79 J6135
P.Ryl.Dem. PJ1811 .J6 1909 (vol. 3 only)
P.SAA, P.S.A.Athens see P.Athen.
P.Sachini, Sakkinis, Sakkakinis text now UPZ II 158a.
P.Sakaon PA4407 .S23 1978
P.Salt. text now UPZ II. 188
P.Sarap. ButlerStx 892.06 B471 v.29
P.Sarga PJ2195 .W784 1922g
P.Schenkung Law: A.Hel 165 Er43
P.Schmidt see P.Berl.Schmidt.
P.Schott-Reinh. see P.Heid. III.
P.Schow PA3310 .B67 1788g
P.Schreibertrad. ButlerStx 894.11 Ag98 v. 19
P.Schub. PA3319 .A2 S38
P.Schutzbriefe PJ2197 .T55 1938g
P.Select. PA3301 .P34 v.13
P.Sel.Warga Not in library (Diss.)
PSI Z6621 .S52 G72
PSI XV estr. Not in library
PSI Congr.XI PA3310 .F64
PSI Congr.XVII PA3301 .T7 1983
PSI Congr.XX PA3310 .F64 1992g
PSI Congr.XXI PA3310 .F64 1995g
PSI Corr. I PA3310 .C6
PSI Il. PA4018 .A65 2000g
PSI Od. PA4037 .Z5 P37 1979g
PSI Omaggio see PSI Congr.XI.
P.Siegesfeier ButlerStx 063M Pl 1926.2
P.Sitol. see P.Berl.Thun.
P.Siut PJ1501 .T56 1934g
P.SlaveryDem. Not in library?
P.Soc.Ital. see PSI.
P.Socnobr. see P.Bacch.
P.Sorb. Z6604 .C2
P.Soter. PJ1014 .P3 v.8
P.Sta.Xyla see P.Athen.Xyla.
P.Stras. PA3308 .S9 1912g (vols 1-2), ButlerStx 064S2 M v.97 (vol. 3), PA3306 .S8 1963 (vols 4 and later)
P.Stras.Dem. PJ1811 .S76 1902 b F
P.Stud. see Stud.Pal.
PTA see Pap.Texte Abh.
P.Taxroll see P.Princ.Roll.
P.Tebt. PA3315 .T3
P.Tebt.Tait PJ1501 .T3
P.Tebt.Wall Diss.; reprinted in SB XVIII 13782-13793
P.Teos ButlerStx ATK 5508
P.Testa see SB I 4505, 5285-86.
P.TestiBotti ButlerStx 894.15 B659
P.Thead. PA3315 .T37 1911g
P.Theb.Bank see Actenstucke.
P.Theon. PA3339 .S78 no.5
P.Thmouis PA3323 .P37 1985
P.Thomas PA3339 .E88 2001
P.Tiberii Julii Theones see P.Theon.
P.Top.Ag. see Stud.Pal. X
P.Tor. PA3310 .T94
P.Tor.Amen. PJ1025 .T8 v.5
P.Tor.Botti PJ1025 .T8 v.1
P.Tor.Choach. PJ1025 .T8 v.6
P.Trophitis see P.Aust.Herr.
P.Tsenhor Not in library
P.Tsoukalas see P.Athen.
P.Turner PA3316 .T87 1981
PUG see P.Genova.
P.Ups.8 Not in library?
P.Ups.Frid PA3309 .T46 1985
Push. see P.MoscowCopt.
P.Variae see P.Alex.Giss.
P.Vars. PA3314 .P6 W3 1974
P.Vat. texts now in UPZ passim.
P.Vat. II, 11 see P.Marm.
P.Vat.Aphrod. PA3315 .A64 B53 1980
P.Vat.Mai ButlerStx 880.8 M28
VBP see P.Bad.
P.Verpfründung. ButlerStx 063H P2 1923.6
P.Vind.Bosw. PA3301 .P34 v.2
P.Vind.Eirene ButlerStx PA1 .A1 E5 v. 34
P.Vind.Sal. PA3339 .S78 no.4
P.Vind.Sijp. PA3301 .P34 v.11
P.Vind.Tand. PA3339 .S78 no.6
P.Vind.Worp PA3339 .S78 no.1
P.Warr. PA3301 .P34 v.1
P.Wash.Univ. PA3305 .W3 (vol. 1) and PJ1014 .P3 v.18 (vol. 2)
P.Weil text now UPZ I 56.
P.Wessely Prag. see P.Prag.
P.Wisc. PA3301 .P34 v.16 (vol. 1) and PA3339 .S78 no.11 (vol. 2)
P.Würzb. PA3308 .W55
P.XV Congr see P.Congr.XV
P.Yadin see P.Babatha.
P.Yale Z6604 .O2
P.YaleCopt. Offsite: PJ1650 .M32 1986g
P. Zaki Aly Not in library
P.Zen.Dem. PJ1811 .D46 1901 Heft 8
P.Zen.Pestm. PA3301 .P34 v.20
P.Zereteli see P.Ross.Georg. passim
P.Zois text now UPZ I 114.
RAC see P.RevilloutCopt.
Rom.Mil.Rec. ButlerStx U35 .F55
Ryl. see P.Ryl.Copt.
SB PA3316 .P74
SB Kopt. PA3308 .V52 Folge 23
Schutzbr. see P.Schutzbriefe.
Sel.Pap. PA3403 .A3 1932g (also stacks and Milstein, same call no.)
Shorthand Manuals Z114 .M66
ST see O.CrumST.
Stud. Pal. (=SPP) Z109 W47 1901g
Suppl.Mag. PJ1014 .P3 v.16
T.Alb. CN715 .T3
T.Mom.Louvre Not in library?
Tor. see O.Theb.
T.Pizarras Not in library?
T.Varie CN350 .P56 1989g
T.Vindol. Z114 .B77 1984 (vol. 1; also stacks at same call no.) and DA147 .V56 B78 1994g (vol. 2)
T.Vindon. Not in library?
UM see O.Mich.Copt., O.Mich.Copt.Etmoulon, and P.Mich.Copt.
V.B.P. see P.Bad.
VC see O.CrumVC.
V.H.P. see P.Heid.
W.Chr. see Chrest.Wilck.
WO see O.Wilck.
WS see P.Sarga.
UPZ PA3316 .W55 1935g

Compiled by Prof. Eleanor Dickey and B. Libby in July 2002, based on the Checklist of Papyri, which should be consulted for full titles, reprints, and other information.