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Student soldiers marching on Broadway

Alwyn Gordon Levy

  • School: Columbia College
  • Class Year: 1918 or 1920
  • War: World War I
  • Date of Death: April 25, 1918

Second Lieutenant Alwyn Gordon Levy, 42nd Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps, was killed over London on April 25, 1918.  He is buried in Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Middlesex, United Kingdom. He was a graduate of Union College in Schenectady, New York, and was in his second year of studying engineering at Columbia when he enlisted in Canada. He was born in Australia, the son of an Australian cartoonist and actor, Bert Levy, who became well known on the NewYork stage, and released a series of animated short films in New York in 1915. 

Alwyn Gordon Levy
Alwyn G. Levy

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