Vietnam Conflict

NROTC on College Walk

Vietnam Conflict

Columbians’ student participation in the Vietnam conflict was limited, and casualties among those who did serve were low. All the same, the war had a profound impact on the University.

Like the rest of the country, the Columbia community was deeply divided about the war. Some students enlisted; others were drafted, and still others enrolled in Naval ROTC to obtain commissions to serve their country. Opposition on campus to the war grew over time, creating intellectual as well as political ferment among students, faculty, and staff. While not the precipitating cause, resistance to the war contributed to the atmosphere of unease and unrest that culminated in the student strike of 1968.

Alumni Who Perished in This War

NROTC on College Walk Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NROTC) parade as captured in the Columbian of 1965.

Alumni who perished in this war

CC - Columbia College

J - Journalism

UNC - Unconfirmed

Name School Class Year Date of Death
Bushey, Peter B. J 1966 December 22, 1967
Chiarello, Vincent Augustus CC 1961 MIA July 29, 1966
Engstrom, Robert Allen CC 1968 October 13, 1968
Equi, Russell Lloyd CC 1966 January 26, 1969
Gerstel, Howard Martin CC 1959/60 October 4, 1967
Keithline, Richard Ward CC   February 28, 1969
Norton, Jr., John Townsend CC 1968 June 3, 1969
O'Buck, Warren UNC    
Russell, Peter Fransson CC 1962 May 23, 1969
Shea, James J. CC 1966 November 16, 1972
Welles Hangen, Putnam  J 1966 June 1970