Spanish-American War

Class of 1900 Pylon

Spanish-American War

In his September 1898 address inaugurating Columbia’s second academic year on the Morningside Heights campus, President Seth Low recognized the participation of the University’s students in the Spanish-American War, which was then coming to a close. He talked about the Columbians who had perished in the conflict. They included Sergeant Hamilton Fish Jr., Class of 1895, a member of Troop L of the Rough Riders and one of the first American soldiers to fall in the advance against Santiago in Cuba. Also recognized were John Blair Gibbs, an 1882 graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who was killed in action in Guantanamo Bay, where he was serving as an Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Navy, and George Washington Lindheim, an 1898 graduate of Physicians and Surgeons, who died of typhus contracted while serving as Assistant Surgeon in the 8th New York U.S. First Infantry. Harry Augustus Young (P&S 1895) died the following year while serving in the Philippines.

Alumni Who Perished in This War

Class of 1890 Pylon Letters, the Class of 1890 pylon on Broadway at 116th Street. A class gift on their 25th Anniversary in 1915.

Alumni who perished in this war

CC - Columbia College

PS - College of Physicians & Surgeons

UNC - Unconfirmed

Name School Class Year Date of Death
Fish, Jr., Hamilton CC
1898 June 24, 1898
Gibbs, John Blair PS
1882 June 12, 1898
Lindheim, George Washington PS
1898 September 16, 1898
Shuter, Henry Plant UNC
1897 October 17, 1898
Young, Harry Augustus PS
1895 February 6, 1899