Civil War

Horsecar at the 49th Street and Madison Avenue Columbia College campus

Civil War

Columbians actively served in the Union armies during the Civil War. (The number serving in the Confederate forces is still unknown.) In 1898, thirty-three years after the war ended, the University published War Records of Graduates and Students Who Served in the Army and Navy During the Rebellion. It lists the names of 395 Columbia students and alumni who served in the Civil War. According to this account, the class with the largest number of men serving was the Class of 1861, from which at least 57 College, medical, and law students and alumni volunteered. This represented 45 percent of the total cohort.

Columbia students and alumni enlisted primarily in the Volunteer Regiments of the City of New York. Within the officer corps, five Columbia graduates became major generals, ten colonels, thirteen lieutenant colonels, thirteen majors, and twenty-nine captains. A substantial number of Columbia graduates also served in the enlisted ranks. In addition, 196 medical graduates of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which was an affiliate of Columbia at the time of the war but later was integrated into the University as its medical school, served among the corps of surgeons. In the introduction to this record of participation in the war, John Howard Van Amringe, Dean of Columbia College from 1894 to 1910, invited readers to alert the University to names that may have been missed. Today, it is likely that the role of Columbians who fought and died in the war is still incomplete.

Alumni Who Perished in This War

49th Street Campus Columbia College campus at 49th Street and Madison Avenue (1857-1897)

Alumni who perished in this war

CC - Columbia College

GR - Columbia College (A.M.) graduate degree

L - School of Law

PS - College of Physicians and Surgeons

UNC - Unconfirmed

Name School Class Year Date of Death
Allingham, James Johnson PS 1859 October 13, 1865
Carrington, Edward L 1862 March 6, 1865
Cooper, Thomas Colden CC 1838 May 6, 1864
Covell, Charles Henry PS 1860  
Danker, Henry A. PS 1864 May 5,  1864
Denniston, William Scott PS 1856 August 4, 1862
Ellis, Augustus Van Horn CC 1844 July 2, 1863 
Freeman, Joseph Addison UNC 1856 December 29, 1864
Halsey, Charles Edward PS 1858  
Hardenbrook, John K. CC 1824 1864
Hurley, John PS 1859  
Jenks, John William CC 1860 1861
Kearny, Jr., Philip L 1833 September 1, 1862
King, Augustus Fleming CC 1860 August 11, 1862
Knox, William Morrow GR, PS 1849, 1854  
LeRoy, Robert CC 1841 March 5, 1865
Marvin, Henry Howard CC 1862 August 25, 1863
Massett, William Carey CC, GR 1857, 1860 May 31, 1862
Morris, Orlando Harriman CC 1854 June 2, 1864
Parker, Jr., James Cortland CC 1854 June 4, 1862
Parkman, Theodore GR 1857 December 16, 1862
Pierson, Edward Augustus PS 1858 1863
Ray, Richard Cornelius CC 1861 February 5, 1863
Reynolds, Stephen Richard CC 1859 July 30, 1864
Terry, Charles Edward PS 1853 August 23, 1865
Thurston, Alfred Henry CC, GR 1851, 1854 August 2, 1865
Tracy, Frederick A. CC 1860 June 3, 1863
Uglow, Jr., James PS 1851  
Wainwright, Daniel Wadsworth PS 1854  
Washburn, Charles Ellery PS 1845 April 10, 1865
Weller, Frederick S. PS 1839 January 15, 1862