Major Online Text Collections by Language

An increasing number of source texts of interest to researchers are becoming available in electronic format at various sites on the internet. Links to a number of these sites, organized according to language and/or subject (some sites are listed under more than one heading) are provided below. There are also references to specific texts, in particular for unusual languages and unusual texts. Users hoping to make use of them for any type of text analysis should be aware, however, that such public-domain texts may vary widely not only in format, but in quality and reliability as well.

Some general and multilingual collections and language dictionaries are listed below.

You may also wish to consult the list of major online text collections by subject.


English Texts

African Languages

Arabic Texts (including translations from Arabic)

Avestan & Pahlavi Texts

Chinese Texts

Dutch Texts

Ethiopic Texts

  • Library of Ethiopian Texts
    Collection of scriptural and other works in Ethopic, some with parallel English translations, maintained by the Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Finnish Texts

French Texts

German Texts

Greek Texts

Hungarian Texts

Irish Texts

Italian Texts

Latin Texts

  • Classics Resources at the Voice of Shuttle
  • Latin Text Archives at Wiretap
    Contains many classical and a few medieval Latin texts in pure ASCII-format.
  • Labyrinth: Medieval Studies Infoserver: Latin Bookcase
    Classical and medieval Latin works.
  • Latin Texts at Perseus
    Latin texts with English translations. The site also includes an electronic version of Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary.
  • Latin Texts: Recentiores
    A monograph series published by the University of Michigan Press embracing all aspects of post-classical Latin culture. Each volume is accompanied by some networked para-publication.
  • Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature
    A database of printed books in Latin from or about the Scandinavian countries.
  • Project Libellus
    Classical Latin texts.
  • Corpus iuris civilis
    A cooperative hypertext edition of Justinian's legislation including the medieval Glossa ordinaria.
  • William Ockham, Dialogus
    Latin and English texts, under the auspices of the British Academy edited by John Kilcullen and John Scott for the series Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi. The work on this edition is in progress.
  • Internet Classics Archive
    A large collection of classical texts in English translation from MIT.

Scandinavian Texts

Slavic & East European Texts

Spanish Texts

Turkish Texts

Language Dictionaries