About Digital Scholarship

The Digital Scholarship unit in the libraries is committed to collaborating with students and faculty in the creation of new modes of knowledge creation. We believe in crediting labor; foregrounding accessibility; providing equitable access to research and research production; actively listening to traditionally underrepresented voices; and engaging with our colleagues across the globe. We understand a critical engagement with technology to help us tell stories effectively, engage with new tools and methods ethically, and participate equitably in the production and dissemination of knowledge.

Digital Scholarship Staff

photo of the interim director

Jeremiah Mercurio
Interim Director, Digital Scholarship / Head, Humanities & History

  • 206 Butler Library
  • 212-853-1478
  • jrm2282@columbia.edu

Scholarly Communication

Esther Jackson

Esther Jackson
Scholarly Communication Technologies Librarian

  • 208A Butler Library
  • ej2432@columbia.edu

photo of the digital repository manager

Kathryn Pope
Digital Repository Manager

  • 208A Butler Library
  • 212-851-2856
  • kpope@columbia.edu

photo of the research and learning technologies librarian

Madiha Zahrah Choksi
Digital Learning and Emerging Technologies Specialist

  • 208A Butler Library
  • m.choksi@columbia.edu

Research Data Services

Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen (landscape)

Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen

Head, Research Data Services

Lehman Social Sciences Library
311 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-5664

Eric Glass

Eric Glass

GIS / Metadata Librarian

Lehman Social Sciences Library
215 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-8878

Expertise: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including ArcGIS and QGIS, data management, web mapping and data visualization

Moacir de sa Pereira (landscape)

Moacir P. de Sá Pereira 

Research Data Librarian

Lehman Social Sciences Library
311 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-5272

Expertise: Data management, cartography, and web-based visualization using JavaScript.

Wei Yin

Wei Yin

Research Support & Data Services Librarian

Lehman Social Sciences Library
328 International Affairs Building
(212) 854-5272

Expertise: Data wrangling and analysis using Stata, SPSS, Excel, and R; numeric data reference