Press Release (May 2, 2012): Columbia and Cornell University Libraries Announce Latin American and Iberian Studies Collection Development Agreement

As of July 2012, Cornell University Library (CUL) and Columbia University Libraries (CUL) are collaboratively building our Latin American and Iberian Studies collections as part of the 2CUL partnership. Pronounced “too cool,” this transformative partnership will enable us to “pool resources to provide content, expertise, and services that are impossible to accomplish acting alone.”

Together, Columbia and Cornell aim to expand the depth and breadth of our research collections by identifying areas of unnecessary duplication and redirecting resources toward acquiring additional materials. In short, this collaboration is about getting more, not less.

For further information, I invite you to read Apuntes, our ocassional newsletter that highlights the goals and accomplishments of this effort to date.

Apuntes, Issue 1 (November 2012)

Issue Title: A Collaborative Model for Building Latin American and Iberian Research Collections at Cornell and Columbia

Apuntes, Issue 2 (May 2013)

Apuntes, Issue 3 (June 2014)