Business & Economic Information on Africa

African Business News & Electronic Journals on the Internet

  • Africa Analyst (Media Managament Corporation Ltd., London, UK)
    Current and recent business news and reports mostly for English-speaking Africa.
  • Africa Business Information Services (AfBIS, Shropshire, UK)
    Current business news on Africa--with an emphasis on Nigeria. See especially: "Africa Economic Analysis" for news analysis and commentary. Major sources for the news are the Panapress (Pan African News Agency) and Nigerian publications, such as The Vanguard and Newswatch. "Africa Business Information Services (AfBIS), an independent private organisation, was formed in 1998."
  • Africa renewal. (Online) -- New York: UN Dept. of Public Information, 2004-
    Formerly known as: Africa Recovery (1996-2004).
    Current electronic issue in full; available in English or French. There is a link to an archive of some previous issues, but each back issue is only composed of a few excerpts and the table of contents.
  • African executive, The. (Online) -- Nairobi, Kenya: African Executive, 2005-
    An online weekly magazine which offers selected current and recent "news analysis" and opinion on finance, banking, and investment in Africa, with an archive of back issue articles since April 2005.
  • African Eye Report (Accra, Ghana)
    "[Since 2014] offers extensive coverage of Information Communication Technology, economy, business, and banking and finance on the African continent."
  • African Press Organization: Database of Press Releases Related to Africa (Dakar, Senegal; Lausanne, Switzerland)
    A searchable database of official press releases from governments and international organizations since August 2007.
  • Afrique IT News (Inaota, Dakar, Sénégal)
    Les actualités fraiches des Startups et de la technologie en Afrique.
    --Veuillez voir aussi: Afrique IT News in English
  • Les Afriques: le journal de la finance africaine. (Online) -- Geneva, Switzerland: Les Afriques Edition et Communications, 2007-
    L'équipe africaine de la rédaction et leurs partenaires en Suisse offre sur la Toile les articles sélectionnés de la version imprimée de cet hebdomadaire. Le site comprend les dernières actualités quotidiennes sur l'Afrique surtout pendant les deux derniers mois, une archive des depêches ["Fils d'Info"], et un répertoire des prochains événements tout autour du continent. Il faut s'abonner à cette publication pour accéder au journal en texte intégral en ligne et tous les vieux numéros. Veuillez voir aussi la version abrégée en anglais.
  • AllAfrica.Com--Business & Technology Center (AllAfrica Global Media, Washington, DC)
    • Current and recent news from all over the African continent on business news. The principal sources of news reporting are African newspapers and news services, and UN agencies. Warning: the searchable archive for articles older than 30 days is only available through subscription.
    • NEPAD-related News
      A compilation of current news summaries related to the "New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development". See also: NEPAD websites below.
    • AllAfrica Foundation's "Sustainable Africa" News, Organizations, and Documents (See below)
  • Balancing Act news. (Online) -- London, UK: Balancing Act, 2002-
    A weekly e-newsletter. Balancing Act seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and broadcast media industries in Africa. The website/newsletter also includes links to free (and fee-based) reports on African Internet Connectivity issues in individual countries and regional trends, as well as the archive of newsletter issues since 2002.
    -- See also: Internet in Africa (via Columbia University Libraries)
  • Bioline Publications Abstracts, Full Text, and Document Service (Centro Referência Informação Ambiental, Brazil ; Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, UK)
    Twelve African studies journals in the medical, food, and biological sciences from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and South Africa. View the abstracts without charge; view online full texts from selected journals; and receive full texts for others with paid registration.
  • Bizcommunity.Com (Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa)
    A news portal for daily advertising, marketing, and industry news for South Africa and the rest of Africa.
  • Chinafrique. (Online) -- Beijing, République populaire de Chine : Beijing Review, 2001-
    Un mensuel électronique qui offre les actualités officielles sur les relations sino-africaines--en français, avec une petite archive des vieux articles depuis 2001. De plus, il y a des liens au site plus général de Beijing Review en anglais, en chinois, et en autres langues.
  • Coton africain et L'OMC dans les médias = African cotton and the WTO in the media
  • Currency Converters -- Interactive Online Reference
  • East African, The. (Online): Business -- Nairobi, Kenya: Nation Media Group, Ltd., 2005-
    The "business section" of the electronic version of a weekly newspaper covering news mostly for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, sometimes for neighboring countries. Several weeks of reports are readily available on the web site.
  • East African business week. (Online) -- Kampala, Uganda: East African Business Week Ltd., 2005-
    The electronic version of a weekly newspaper covering business news mostly for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, sometimes for neighboring countries. Several weeks of reports are readily available on the web site; use "search" feature to find reports from back issues since October 2005.
  • Economiste, L'. (Online). -- Rabat, Morocco: L'Economiste, 1991-
    Un quotidien économique du Maroc. Remarque: il faut inscrire pour accéder aux archives.
  • Export & import Southern Africa. (Online) -- Randburg, South Africa: Malnor Publishers, 2015-  Monthly
    "...serves to highlight, in a professional and responsible manner, the trends and many associated issues influencing Southern Africa’s trade with the world."
  • General News, Sports, & Information Services on Africa (Columbia University)
  • International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: Bridges Africa (Geneva, Switzerland)
    This site offers news analysis and selected documents on trade negotiations and related matters -- in English or in French, in PDF format. "With a wide network of governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental partners, ICTSD [since 1996] plays a unique systemic role as a provider of original, non-partisan reporting and facilitation services at the intersection of international trade and sustainable development."
  • Invest advocate. (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Founded in 2010, this open access portal site offers current and recent news for anyone interested in the Nigerian financial industry and investment in Nigeria and Africa in general, with selected articles and data from 2015 to the present.
  • Maghreb Emergent. (Algiers, Algérie)
    Depuis 2013, ce site électronique offre les actualités économiques sur les pays de la région maghrebienne.
  • Le Monde Diplomatique sur l"Afrique, 2006--: Economie
  • Moneyweb (Johannesburg, South Africa)
    A clearinghouse website for current investment news, analysis reports, and general business news for South Africa and the world....since 1997.
  • NEPAD-Related Information on the Web
  • IPD Group's Nigeria Steel News (EIN News, Internet Product Development Group, Inc., Washington, DC)
    A subscription-based news portal for mining industry around the world, with a web page for news reports from and about Nigeria....headlines and summaries are free.
  • (Africa Communication Consulting, Dakar, Sénégal)
    "...Le but ultime d' est de servir de principal support d'informations sur
    l'Afrique de l'Ouest à tous les décideurs, acteurs et à toute personnes intéressée par le développement et la vie de la sous région." Le site offre une archive des rapports d'actualité depuis 2006.
  • Panapress Economic News Headlines in English and in French (Pan African News Agency, Dakar, Senegal)
    NOTE: A subscription is required to access full-text articles.
    This website offers free current news headlines on African businesses, markets, economic development issues,    ECOWAS, and other topics based on reporting from government-supported news agencies and services around the continent.
  • RFI Actualité--Archive: Sommet Afrique-France 2007: la 24ème conférence des chefs d'Etat de France et d'Afrique à Cannes, France, du 15 à 16 février 2007. (Radio France International, Paris, France)
    Veuillez voir aussi: Sommet Afrique-France 2005: la 23ème conférence des chefs d'Etat de France et d'Afrique à Bamako, Mali, du 3 à 4 décembre 2005.
  • SciDev Net--Science and Development Network on SubSaharan Africa -and- The Middle East & North Africa (London, UK)
    A "news and views" portal site--in English, French, or Spanish--about science, technology and the developing world.
  • Science in Africa. (Online) -- Grahamstown, South Africa : Science in Africa, 2001-
    Current issue and back issues since January 2001. A popular monthly news magazine about scientific research and development on the African continent, plus information about funding and job opportunities and links to organizations.
  • Southern African News Services & Internet Information (Columbia University Libraries)
  • Trade policy briefing. (Online) Archives: 2003-2008 -- Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa: South African Institute of International Affairs, 2003-2008.
    "The SAIIA Trade Policy Briefing Series is intended to elicit debate on critical issues relating to South Africa's overall trade strategy." Issues are available in PDF format.
  • journal panafricain sur le développement durable et l'environnement. (Dakar, Sénégal)
    Depuis le mois de mai en 2016, toutes les actualités sur le développement durable, l'énergie, l'agriculture, et le climat au Sénégal et en Afrique.

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