Conserving Cultural Heritage at Columbia

Conserving Cultural Heritage at Columbia


In order to survive for future generations, our rare books, valuable documents, and historical objects need the professional care of the Columbia University Libraries Conservation Lab.

Why Is This Important?

Conservation changes things.

Conservation transforms time-worn historical treasures and helps interpret their meaning. Watch curator Consuelo Dutschke talk about three priceless books and the impact of conservation.

Conservation changes people.

What one Columbia undergraduate learned from our conservators changed the nature of her work at as artist. Watch Jeana Poindexter talk about working in the Conservation Lab.

How Does Conservation Work?

Take a tour of the Conservation Lab and watch conservators at work.

Read more about Conservation at Columbia.

Look at before and after close-ups of a few items the Lab has worked on.

Supporting the Conservation Program

Join with other alumni and friends to support the Conservation Program. Your gift, however small or large, will help promote the survival and accessibility of the Libraries' collections for current and future students and scholars.

For more information or to make a gift, send us an email or contact Matt Hampel in the Libraries Development Office at 212-854-4746.