Offsite Library Shelving Facility (ReCAP)

Offsite Library Shelving Facility (ReCAP)

Off-site Library Shelving Facility (ReCAP)

ReCAP is Columbia University Libraries' off-campus shelving facility.  ReCAP is short for Research Collections and Preservation Consortium.  Columbia University operates ReCAP jointly with Harvard University, Princeton University and New York Public Library.  

CUL has accessioned more than 5.5 million books and archives at ReCAP.  On average 250,000 new accessions are currently sent every year.  Transferring to ReCAP allows CUL to accommodate new acquisitions, provide larger study spaces and better preserve historical collections.

In Fall 2017, the three ReCAP partners launched a Shared Collection Service and CUL added more than 7 million new items from the Princeton University and New York Public Library collections to its CLIO catalog. This expanded access provides seamless discovery and direct request of the ReCAP materials of all partners.

Access for Faculty, Students, Staff and Visitors

Electronic Document Delivery (EDD)

  • Scanning request has now resumed!
  • Please click on the blue "Scan" hyperlink in CLIO to initiate a request

Physical Delivery

  • Physical Delivery is suspended until further notice.