CUL Studio Lehman Open Lab Walk-in Schedule

CUL Studio Lehman hosts open labs on the lower level of Lehman Library in room 215. Research Data Services librarians are available for consultation during those open labs according to the calendar below. Outside these hours or to setup an appointment, email us at Our librarians have different skills, so you can time meeting us based on your specific needs.

  • Eric’s skills lie in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including ArcGIS and QGIS, data management, web mapping, and data visualization.
  • Haoyu’s skills lie in data visualization, manipulation, and filtering as well as statistical data analysis and typical machine learning methods in R and Python.
  • Kang’s skills lie in software engineering, programming languages (Python, Java, C, SQL), data structure, and algorithms.
  • Moacir’s skills lie in data management, cartography, and web-based visualization using JavaScript.
  • Wei’s skills lie in data preparation and analysis using Stata, SPSS, Excel, and R as well as quantitative and qualitative methods in the social sciences, such as demography, regional economics, and urban planning.
  • Xiaoxi’s skills lie in data preparation, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning methods using R.
  • Yiming’s skills lie in data visualization in R and Python as well as machine learning methods and applications.