Deputy Borrower Instructions

Butler Library Circulation Desk

All non-student Officers of the University may designate a Deputy Borrower within the Columbia University Libraries system. The library circulation record of the designated deputy will be linked to that of the Officer enabling library material to be charged to the Officer by the deputy. Items charged in such a manner will be the responsibility of the requesting officer.

Please read the "Conditions of Use" below, complete all requested information in the form referenced below, then click the "Submit Request" button to send the request electronically.

Please note that processing of requests may take up to seven business days.

Conditions of Use

1. The officer must request the deputy using the online web form.

2. The designated Deputy must also possess a currently valid Columbia University Identification Card with his/her own borrowing privileges. He or she must be a current student or non-casual employee of the University.

3. The designated Deputy must have no outstanding Library obligations (fines/fees, non-returned recall items).  Any outstanding Library obligation must be satisfied before the request will be processed.

4. The Officer accepts full responsibility for all material checked out by the deputy acting on behalf of the officer.

5. Deputy borrowing privileges will not be issued or renewed if the Officer has any outstanding Library obligations (fines/fees, non-returned recall items).

If you have questions about the deputy borrower privilege, please call the Library Information Office staff at (212) 854-7309, or e-mail us at: