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The Oral History Interview Process
The Columbia Center for Oral History Archives (CCOHA) in Columbia University Libraries is home to one of the largest collections of recorded histories in the world, and it is open to the public. The Columbia Center for Oral History Research (CCOHR) within the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics (INCITE) collects approximately 300-500 new hours of interviews each year – which we then add to the Archives.

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Reel to Reel Tape


At the center of our work is our “living archive” of more than 8,000 aural and visual interviews that explore diverse topics in United States and global history.


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CCOHR conducts innovative oral history research projects, which we add to our Archives and use as the basis for educational programs.

RULE OF LAW Oral History Project

One of our newest oral history projects feature digitally available transcripts of interviews on the topics of the death penalty and Guantanamo Bay.


September of 2011 marked the official opening of our September 11, 2001 Oral History Projects.


Phase three of a project on Carnegie Corporation of New York will focus on grantmaking under the leadership of President Vartan Gregorian.



CCOHA and CCOHR are dedicated to building the field of oral history, and making our archives and expertise of use to the public.

Summer Institute

CCOHR is currently accepting applications to our 2014 Oral History Summer Institute, "Second Generation Memories and Stories," to be held June 16-27 at Columbia University.

Community Workshops

The Community Workshop series brings together organizers and activists with CCOHR staff for oral history training and discussions of the methodology and its applicability to social movements and advocacy work. 

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