Burke Library

General Collections

The Burke Library has transferred collections to ReCAP since 2005.  Collections include mainly printed books; some processed and un-processed archival materials have been accessioned.  It has six corresponding CLIO locations assigned for Offsite collections:


  • off,unr : Union Stacks rare (noncirc)
  • off,uta : unprocessed archival material (noncirc)
  • off,utmrl : Missionary Research Library special collection of non-circulating monographs and serials (noncirc)
  • off,utn : pre-1910 general collection that is in-library use only (same)
  • off,utp : Union Stacks Pamphlet special collection of non-circulating pamphlets (noncirc)
  • off,uts : general collection of circulating monographs and serials (circ)

Burke Library collections correspond to three different customer codes:

  • CU : allow delivery to all CUL and ReCAP partner libraries
  • CR : allow delivery to all CUL libraries
  • UT : allow delivery only to Burke Library Circulation Desk

Burke Library has progressed through two phases of smart barcoding: 2005/2006 (CR6/CU6) and 2006/2007 (UT). Collections have been transferred from several physical locations: Burke Stacks levels S2-S4, James Chapel Tower 8th Floor and Brown Tower Room 703.

On the annual (estimated) ReCAP quotas, Burke Library has typically been allocated 3,000 volumes for collection growth offset.

Circulation Desk Reference

General Reference

  • Patrons place unmediated requests for ReCAP collections via CLIO.  In the CLIO item view the Location displays "Offsite" and there is a gray, clickable "Request from Offsite" button.
  • The terms "ReCAP" and "Offsite" are used interchangeably.  "Offsite" is the preferred term for public display.
  • Any active UNI is valid to place requests via CLIO.  To place an EDD request active, borrowing privileges are required.
  • Quick link to ReCAP Request Forms.  Use this to place Mediated Requests on behalf of library patrons who do not have an active UNI.
  • Mediated Request for Patrons : Guide to placing mediated requests for patrons.
  • A notification email is sent at the moment a request is submitted.
  • After daily delivery to Circulation, staff send e-mail notification using rus.  Remember to type "rus" at the $ prompt in Cunix.
  • Contact ReCAP Coordinator, Zack Lane, at any time with questions or problems: zl2114@columbia.edu and (212) 851-5621.

Current Practice

  • CUL Shipping & Receiving (107 Butler) delivers totes to Burke Library circulation desk every morning, usually before noon.
  • Burke circ staff processes incoming deliveries according to standard guidelines.
  • Staff uses the Butler Circulation Desk happening location for both charging and discharging Offsite collections.
  • Burke circ staff processes outgoing returns according to standard guidelines.


  • Deliveries
    Eun Ja Lee/[unknown staff] back-up.  Delivery processing includes checking and filing the shipping manifest, charging to Burke Library hold shelf (UTSHOLD001), e-mail notification via rus and creating a hold slip.
  • Circulation
    Circulation desk staff charges circulating collections using the Butler Circulation Desk happening location.  Non-circulating items are given to patron without charging in Voyager.  Instead the hold slip is kept at desk.  All items may be returned to the hold shelf for further consultation.
  • Returns
    Circulation desk staff discharge all items using the Butler Circulation Desk happening location.  Ignore all routing slips.
  • Packing
    Eun Ja Lee/[unknown staff] back-up.  Return processing includes packing ReCAP returns safely in gray totes, sealing lid with a plastic tie and reversing the delivery label to read "RECAP."
  • EDD issues
    Burke Library alias burke@libraries.cul.columbia.edu (Matthew Baker).

Other Notes

Archives at ReCAP

Main website of Burke Archives may be found here.

Auburn Theological Seminary Archives

At ReCAP - ONLY Series 1A, Series 1D, Series 1F, 1G, 1H, 1i,  1J. Collection of 67 boxes (BIBL# 5637394).  Finding aids may be found here.

The papers of Auburn Theological Seminary consist of records of the institution, including historical documents dating from its founding, institutional publications such as catalogues, and detailed alumni records as well as personal papers, scrapbooks, some photographs and sermons from faculty and alumni. The majority of the collection consists of manuscript notebooks, correspondence, sermons and personal papers with miscellaneous deeds, photographs and other documents.  

NYTS Archives  [unprocessed]


The New York Theological Seminary archives collections is currently stored at ReCAP.  Collection of 160 boxes on a suppressed record (BIBL# 6218454).  Project is planned to process this collection from Summer 2010 ongoing. 

UTS 3 Records: Audio Files [unprocessed]

James Durkee

Collection of 16 boxes (BIBL# 8625697).  Finding aid online.

Fund for Theological Education [unprocessed]

Collection of 32 boxes (BIBL# 8625651).

Associated Church Press Records [unprocessed]

Collection of 60 boxes (BIBL# 8626620).

NTRN Reports

NTRN Reports : Quarterly reports of Search, Selector and Withdraw titles.  Also included is Retrospective report of all items on Withdraw report for more than 90 days.  More ReCAP-related information about NTRN reports can be found on the main ReCAP Reports website.

Requesting from ReCAP

CLIO Location Displays

  • off,unr
    Corresponds to customer code UT.  Deliverable only to Burke Library Circulation Desk; non-circulating.
  • off,uta
    Corresponds to customer code UT.  Deliverable only to Burke Library; non-circulating.  Most collection records are suppressed.
  • off,utmrl
    Corresponds to customer code UT.  Deliverable only to Burke Library Circulation Desk; non-circulating.
  • off,utn
    Items published pre-1910 are deliverable only to CUL libraries; non-circulating.
  • off,utp
    Corresponds to customer code UT. Deliverable only to Burke Library Circulation Desk; non-circulating.
  • off,uts
    Display "Offsite" matches other, circulating collections that have CU barcodes.



  • Burke Circulation Data (.pptx) : Updated through FY13.  Summary of circulation activity of Burke collections and the Burke happening location, including system-wide data.  Primarily concerned with on campus collections
  • Burke Circulation Data (.pptx) : Updated through FY12.  Summary of circulation activity of Burke collections and the Burke happening location, including system-wide data.  Primarily concerned with on campus collections

ReCAP Data


  • Accessions
    Burke-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility.
  • Requests
    Total items requested from Burke-owned collections at ReCAP.
  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the Burke circulation desk.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only Burke-owned.
  • EDD
    Total number of EDD (electronic document delivery) requests for Burke collections.  A subset of total "Requests."

Primary Statistics

  Accessions Requests Deliveries EDD
FY02 0 0 0 0
FY03 0 0 0 0
FY04 17 1 0 1
FY05 2,245 1 0 1
FY06 66,137 447 265 21
FY07 74,008 2,348 1,068 38
FY08 18,979 2,852 1,326 57
FY09 5,225
2,701 1,275 146
FY10 1,324 2,227 1,304 51
FY11 490 2,674 1,414 52
FY12 244 2,526 1,401 32
FY13 151 2,448 1,394 26
TOTAL 168,380 18,225 9,447 425
Request Rate = 1.45%



ReCAP-Related Projects at Burke Library

Burke Library Off-site Storage Project: Nov. 2006-Aug. 2008 (two extensions)

  • Primary goal
    Identify material in Burke Library collections to recon and transfer offsite in order to improve bibliographic access and create growth space.
  • History
    • Burke Library has transferred books from the stacks to the ReCAP facility since 2005. By December 2006, the library had executed several phases of offsite barcoding and moved more than 120,000 objects to ReCAP. The Offsite Storage Project was initiated in December 2006 to focus on retrospective conversion and transfer of items to ReCAP.
    • By December 2007, the Offsite Storage Project had moved more than 150,000 items to ReCAP and was nearing its quota of 160,000 ReCAP accessions.  The project’s main focus shifted from moving large quantities of material offsite to completing recon in the Union Stacks.
    • In 2008 the project team conducted a comprehensive recon project in the Union Stacks.  All the monographs on S3 were checked for barcodes.  Books without barcodes were pulled for copy or original cataloging.  Approximately 2,250 serial titles without barcodes were left on the shelves, but their locations were noted for a future serials cataloging project.  A relatively small number of items (5000-6000) were transferred to ReCAP after being cataloged; the remainder of the items were returned to the Union Stacks.
    • Progress of the project is monitored with statistics. Record manipulation and creation are counted by adding tags to bibliographic records. Offsite accession statistics are provided by ReCAP. Project statistics are compiled and maintained in a spreadsheet.
  • Documentation


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias: recap@library.columbia.edu

Supervisor, ReCAP Access Services: Jennifer Loubriel

Phone: (212) 854-3542

E-mail: jll2223@columbia.edu