Uncataloged Book Collections

Although these books are not cataloged online or in the main card catalogs, RBML has files or lists of their contents. Many of these collections are kept off-site and require extra time to access.

Children’s Books
Book Arts / Publishing
Publishing Houses


  • Bell collection on Angling:  600 volumes. (Card file)
  • Field collection of about 150 books about playing cards, mostly standard references, but including some early titles. Gift of Albert Field. Accompanies the extremely large Field Collection of Playing Cards. (Card file)
  • The Hamilton Library, given to RBML in the twentieth century by descendants of Alexander Hamilton. This collection has 900 volumes (many of the titles are multi-volume editions). We are unsure how much of the library actually belonged to Hamilton; we know, for example, that roughly one- third of the collection has publication dates after 1804, the year of Hamilton's death.
  •  The Hunt-Berol collection: 3000 volumes of largely American and English music, dating from the 16th through the 20th century, though mostly 19th century American imprints. There are separate files of sheet music by Stephen Foster and printed editions of the Star Spangled Banner. The collection was formed by Arthur Billings Hunt (1890-1971) and was donated to the library in 1964 & 1966 by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Berol. (Card file)
  • Hunt-Berol Sheet Music: 50,000 pieces of sheet music of the 18th to the 20th centuries, mostly 19th century. There is a card file organized by composer, and a number of other card files to aid in finding materials.


  • Engel: ca. 750 volumes of 19th and 20th century English and American literature, especially Kipling, and a group of bindings by Mrs. Engel. (Card file)
  • Haldeman-Julius: ca. 600 volumes from the “Little blue books” series.  (Card file)
  • Ellery Queen: 2681 volumes of books by Queen and books used by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee in editing the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, gift of Richard and Douglas Dannay, 1985 & 1987.
  • Samuels: ca. 2000 volumes of mostly English and American literature dating from the 16th through the 20th centuries.  (Card file)
  • Wise Forgeries : ca. 50 forgeries of 19th century English literature by T.J. Wise. Some are cataloged for the general (“B”) collection. (Card file)

Children’s Books

  • Henne Collection of McLoughlin Bros imprints: 820 volumes (Card file)
  • Henne Collection of Post-1860 books: 750 volumes (Card file)
  • Henne Collection of Pre-1860 books: 600 volumes (Card file) 
  • Henne Collection of Realia: 100 items including games, art, and stereoscope views (Card file)
  • Henne Collection of Rewards of Merit: 24 albums of printed awards for young scholars, 19th century.
  • Popular Culture Collections: Braslow Collection of Better Little Books: 61 volumes; Braslow Collection of Books in Series:  29 volumes; Henne Collection of Books in Series: 600 volumes; St. Joseph’s School gift of books in series: 16 volumes (Card file)

Book Arts / Publishing

  • AAUP: 340 volumes, the winners of the American Association of University Presses awards from 1965 through 1991
  • AIGA: circa 4000 volumes, the winners of the American Institute of Graphic Artists awards known as “The Fifty Books of the Year” from 1923 to the present. RBML also has some of the cover award winners. Card file and a list.
  • Berger Collection: circa 425 volumes, mostly European "fine" books, with illustrations or bindings of interest (List)
  • Miniatures: circa 60 miniature books (under 3 inches tall). (Card file)
  • Ernst Reichl: ca. 1100 volumes of books designed by Reichl, an adjunct to the Reichl Papers. (Card file)
  • Tauschnitz: 40 volumes of Tauschnitz imprints

Publishing Houses

Along with the archives of a number of publishers came the output of those houses:

  • Greenberg: Publisher:  462 volumes. (Card file) These books are at Brewster (boxed).
  • Harper Brothers: ca. 2700 volumes, mostly nineteenth century. (Card file). These books are offsite (boxed; see card file for box numbers).
  • Heritage Press: ca 141 volumes issued by George Macy's Heritage Press, dated 1930-1972. (Card file) These books are at Brewster (boxed).
  • Huebsch: ca. 400 volumes published by Benjamin W. Huebsch (ca. 1876-1964) (Card file) These books are offsite (boxed).
  • Macy-Masius Readers' Club: 45 volumes. (Card file) These books are offsite (boxed).
  • Pantheon: 100 volumes (list). These books are offsite (as individual volumes).
  • Random House: 6000 volumes (Card file). These books are offsite (as individual volumes).
  • Vanguard: 1200 volumes (list). These books are offsite (as individual volumes).

The books published by the Limited Editions Club are cataloged as the Macy Memorial Collection; the Overbrook Press books are in the Book Arts collection.