The Papers Of Paul Baerwald


Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, speeches, reports, clippings, and printed material relating to the career of Paul Baerwald, 1871-1961, chairman of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1932-1961. The collection also includes manuscript and printed materials by and about Baerwald's father, Hermann Baerwald, 1828-1907, a German educator and historian.

Each listing includes the folder number followed by its title, years covered, and number of items (in parentheses).

* An asterisk indicates that the individual's correspondences are catalogued in the special correspondence file, although the manuscripts themselves remain in their original folders in the order shown.

Dates covered


Number of items

ca. 3000


Curator's Note

These interesting papers of the late Paul Baerwald were presented to the Herbert H. Lehman Papers in June, 1968, by his daughter, Mrs. Myron Falk, Jr., on behalf of Mr. Baerwald's family.

Paul Baerwald, a founder and long-time chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee, was a good friend of Herbert H. Lehman. They cooperated on many philanthropic and other works for the public good, as well as in the work of the Joint Distribution Committee. These papers illustrate part of their work, as well as Mr. Baerwald's many other spheres of interest.

In addition, the Baerwald Papers contain manuscripts and printed works and related material concerning his father, Hermann Baerwald (1828-1907), the German historian and educator.

A checklist of the Baerwald Papers follows.

Published Works and Manuscripts of Hermann Baerwald

1. Biographical, autobiographical, and assorted family papers

2. Assorted papers and correspondence addressed to Herman Baerwald

3. Assorted writings of Hermann Baerwald, in manuscript

4. "Historische Miszellen: Lebensrettung Kaiser Otto des Zweiten durch den Juden Kalonymos.: Photostat of pages 74-77 extracted from Joseph Wertheimer's "Jahrbuch for Israeliten 5618." Neue Folge, 4. Jahrgang. Vienna: Leopold Sommer, 1857

5. "Zur Geschichte der Schule. Erster Teil: Das Philanthropin 1804-1913."(Real- and Volksschule der Israel. Gemeinde). Einladungsschrift, Frankfurt a.M., 1869, 35p.

6. "Zur Geschichte der Schule. Zweiter Teil: 1804-1822." Einladungsschrift, Frankfurt a.M., 1875. 48p.

7. Der Alt Friedhof der israelitischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt a.M." Einladungsschrift, Frankfurt a.M., 1883. 21p.

8. "Leopold Ranke." pp. 1-3 of Frankfurter Zeitung, December 22, 1885. Morgenblatt no. 356.

Published Works about Hermann Baerwald

9. Manheimer, Adolf. "Festspiel zu Ehren des Direktors der Realschule der israelitischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt am Main (Philanthropin) Dr. Hermann Baerwald aufgefuhrt bei seinem funfundzwanzigjahrigen Amtsjubilaum am 3. August 1893." Frankfurt a.M.: Kumpf & Reis, 1893. 36p.

10. Dobriner, Hermann. "Abschiedsfeier fur den Direktor Herrn Dr. Baerwald." Programm. Frankfurt a.M., 1900. Includes Dr. Baerwald's "Farewell Address." 12p.

Dobriner, Hermann. "Direktor Dr. Baerwald." Programm. --Frankfurt a.M., 1900. 3p.

11. Adler, S. "Zur Erinnerung an Dr. Hermann Baerwald, Direktor der Realschule der Israel. Gemeinde (Philanthropin), 1868-1899. Geboren den 7. November 1828 zu Nakel, Bez, Bromberg, gestorben den 9. Februar 1907 zu Frankfurt a.M." Beilage zun Programm der Alstalt Ostern 1907. Frankfurt a.M., 1907. 23p. Includes:

I. "Hermann Baerwald's Leben und Werken."

II. "Reden, gehalten an der Bahre des Heimgegangenan."

12. Adler, S. "In Memoriam Dr. Hermann Baerwald . . . Address delivered at the Memorial Service of the Philanthropin by Dr. S. Adler, Principal. [1907] Typescript of English translation. 12p.

Adler, S. "Funeral Eulogy delivered by Director Dr. S. Adler, representing the Philanthropin." [1907] Type-script. 4p.

13. Adler, S. "Direktor Dr. Hermann Baerwald. Zum 10. Todestage." [Berlin, 1917] 6p.

14. Baerwald, Paul ed. "Dr. Hermann Baerwald, 1828-1907." Selected Papers, Biographical and others. [Translated from the German with a bibliography by Guido Kisch]. New York, 1950. 50p.

15. Baerwald, Paul ed. "Dr. Herman Baerwald, 1828-1907." Reviews of this work, records of its distribution, etc.

16. Kisch, Guido. "Bibliography of Publications by and on Hermann Baerwald, 1828-1907." New York, 1950. 3p.

17. Assorted Articles about Hermann Baerwald

18. Reproduction of Photograph of Hermann Baerwald

Published Works and Manuscripts of Paul Baerwald: Subject Files

19. Autobiographical and Biographical Papers

20. Memoirs and Papers re: Business Career

21. Letters to his Children

22. Assorted Memoranda, Articles and Correspondence, 1928-1960.

23. Speeches, 1944-1959

24. Speeches, 1942-1943

25. Speeches, 1939-1941

26. Speeches, 1936-1938

27. Speeches, 1932-1935

Published Works and Manuscripts of Paul Baerwald: Correspondence Files

*28. Brandies, Louis D. 1940 (1)

29. Butler, Nicholas Murray. 1940-1945 (3 publications)

*30. Coolidge, Calvin. 1927-1931 (2 publications)

*31. Einstein, Albert. 1933-1950 (4)

*32. Forrestal, James. 1948-1949 (3, clippings)

33. Hebrew Union College. 1945-1950(8; clippings re: honorary degree)

*34. Hoover, Herbert C. 1940 (1)

35. Jewish Theological Seminary of America. 1942-1951 (7; clippings)

36. Johns Hopkins University--Walter Hines Page School of International Relations. 1932 (1)

37. Joint Distribution Committee. 1928-1946 (30; clippings)

38. Joint Distribution Committee. 1947-1961 (20; clippings)

39. Lazard Freres. 1927-1961 (3; publications)

*40. Lehman, Herbert H. 1933-1946 (6; clippings)

41. Lehman, Herbert H. 1933 (10; clippings re: appointment of Paul Baerwald to Governor's Advisory Committee to Study Federal Home Owners Corporation)

42. Columbia University Teachers College--Lincoln School. 1924-1926 (33)

43. London, Fritz. n.d. (2, clippings re:)

44. New York Foundation. 1931-1961 (3)

45. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [France], April, 1951-1952 (3; clippings)

46. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [France]. February, 1950-March, 1951 (13; clippings)

47. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [France]. October, 1948-December, 1949 (50; clippings)

48. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [France]. Photographs.

49. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [France]. Klein, Philip. "The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work." Reprint from The Jewish Social Work Quarterly. v. 26, no. 4 (June, 1950)

50. Paul Baerwald School of Social Work [Israel]. 1955-1961 (15; clippings)

51. President's Advisory Committee on Political Refugees. 1941-1947 (5; clippings)

*52. Rockefeller, John D. Jr. 1926-1937 (2; clippings)

*53. Roosevelt, Franklin D. 1931-1945 (7; clippings)

54. Roosevelt Committee to Check the Reorganization of the Bank of the United States. 1931 (23; clippings)

55. Selective Service Committee, New York City. 1940-1941 (2)

*56. Shotwell, James T. 1927 (1; clippings)

*57. Taylor, Myron C. 1938-1953 (38; clippings)

*58. Warburg, Edward M. M. 1941-1948 (6)

59. Warburg, Max M. 1938-1946 (7)

*60. Watson, Thomas J. 1938 (4)

61. Weizmann, Chaim. 1948 (4)

*62. Welles, Sumner. 1939-1943 (3)

63. William J. Wollman Foundation. 1956-1961 (25)

64. William J. Wollman Foundation. 1956 (30)

*65. Young, Owen D. 1925 (1; clippings)