2007-2008 Book History Colloquium at Columbia University

The Book History Colloquium at Columbia University, open to any discipline, aims to provide a broad outlet for the scholarly discussion of book history, print culture, the book arts, and bibliographical research, and (ideally) the promotion of research and publication in these fields. Our presenters include Columbia faculty members and advanced graduate students, and scholars of national prominence from a range of institutions.

Questions? E-mail Gerald Cloud.

All sessions take place in 523 Butler Library, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Spring 2008

BHC Poster Image 2008-02-27 Will Slauter

February 27, 2008

Will Slauter
Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Department of History, Columbia University

Recycling the News in the Eighteenth-Century Blogosphere

Will Slauter discussed international news before the telegraph; a story of newspapers trading paragraphs with each other, copying, translating and rewriting the news.

BHC Poster Image 2008-03-24 Terry Belanger

March 24, 2008

Terry Belanger
University Professor and Director of Rare Book School: University of Virginia

Noli me tangere”: Research Libraries and the History of the Book

Terry Belanger will speak on the relationship between research libraries and those who teach the history of the book and related subjects.

BHC Poster Image 2008-04-21 Nicholas Dames

April 21, 2008

Nicholas Dames
Theodore Kahan Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University

The Chapter; or, Fragmented Life

Nicholas Dames will discuss the chapter as both a bibliographical device and the social & intellectual influences associated with The Chapter.