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Reference Collection Guide by Location

Room 301: R030-R999 and Language Dictionaries

Bookcases around the room, starting near the exit to Room 310

31-41:  National Encyclopedias (continues from 310) R030

31:  Italian (cont.)
31:  Japanese
31-32:  Polish
32-33:  Brazilian, Portuguese
33-36:  Russian
34-35:  Great Soviet Encyclopedia
36-39:  Spanish
39-40:  Swedish - Turkish
40:  Ukrainian

41-59:  Encyclopedias by Subject R031-039

41:  Information Science
42-43:  Philosophy, Psychology R031
43-51:  Religion R032
43:  Baudrillart
44:  Cabrol
45:  Hastings
47:  Eliade
47:  New Catholic Encyclopedia
49-50:  Bible dictionaries
50:  Buddhism
50-51:  Judaica
51-52:  Islam
53-54:  Social Sciences R033
54-55:  Science and Technology R035-036; Grzimek, McGraw-Hill
55-59:  Arts, Mythology and Archaeology R037-R039
55:  Encyclopedia of World Art, Grove
56-57:  Cinema, TV, Opera
58-59:  Pauly,  Princeton E. of Classical Sites

59-70:  Biographical Dictionaries R040

59: Biography Index
60: Ulysse Chevalier
61: Michaud
62: Current Biography
62-65:  Current Biography, Contemporary Authors, Dictionary of Literary Biography
67-69:  IBN
69-70:  Nouv. Biogr. Gen.
70:  Migne, Poggendorff, Webster

71-98:  Biographical Dictionaries by country R041-R049

71-72:  Dictionary of American Biography
72:  Annual Obituary
New York Times Obituary Index (1858-1968) is on a stand on the first atlas case (Bookcase P)
73:  Dictionary of American Scholars
74-75:  National Cyclopaedia of American Biography
76:  Annals of the American Pulpit
77:  Who's Who in New York;  Canada R042
78-81:  Great Britain & Ireland
78-80:  Dictionary of National Biography
81:  Australia
81:  India,  The Royal Society
82-84:  Germany R043
85:  Austria, Hungary
86:  Poland
86-89:  France R044
89-90:  Belgium
90:  The Netherlands
90-91: Italy R045
91-92:  Iberia R046
92:  Latin America R047
94-96:  Scandinavia R048
96-97:  Russia  R049
97-98:  Turkey, South Asia

98-110, 10-14:  Periodical Indexes R050

98:  Access, Alternative Periodicals Index
99-100:  Catholic periodicals; Index to Black Periodicals
100-101:  Wellesley Index, British Humanities Index
103: Chicano, Arabic, French
103-105: German
106: Indian, Hebrew
107: Philippine
107-108: American Humanities Index
108-110:  Philosophy and religion R051-052
110:  R052 Index to Jewish Periodicals
10:  R058 Film and literature
11:  Short Story Index
13-14:  R067-R070 London Times Index
15:  Le Temps

Reference Books by Subject

15: Philosophy, Psychology R100
16-19: Religion R200
20-30: Social Sciences R300
20: Gallup Polls
20-21: Historical Statistics
22: America Votes
23-24: Slavery; HMSO, British Parliamentary Papers indexes
24-25: CIS
25-26: Monthly Catalog
27:  Foreign relations
28:  Military
29-30:  Universities; Folklore -395.

Continues to:
Freestanding Bookcases, 301 West

Q:  Folklore 396- ; women; linguistics R400
Q - V: Science, Arts and Literatures R500 - R899

M-O:  Res Ref  [The latest editions of directories, almanacs, yearbooks, etc.  The back issues are found in the stacks.]

M North (window side):  Biographies, Nat. Faculty Directory
M South:  Directories
N: Directories, schools, universities, Publishers' International Directory, State Bluebooks
O North:  Press, Statistical yearbooks
O South: LC Subject Headings

P: Atlases Shelf # 43-55
Atlas case:  Shelf # 1-42

Index Tables, 301 West

North:  New York Times Index, NYT Name Index
South:  Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, Humanities and Social Science Indexes

Free-standing Bookcases, 301 East

A - F: Language Dictionaries R Afrikaans - R Zulu
G - L: History and Geography R900 - R999

Room 310: R010-030 and Oversized Books

R010 - R014 Book Review Indexes

Northeast Mezzanine Alcove 29

R015 National Bibliographies

Northeast Mezzanine Alcoves 30-33, 33r-30r

R016.01 - R016.89 Subject Bibliographies

Starts in Alcove 5 and bookcases near the exit to the corridor. Then continues to Southeast Mezzanine wall, South Mezzanine and Southwest Mezzanine. Jumps back to Alcove 17 center bookcases and continues to Southeast Mezzanine bookcases.

R016.9-.999 History Bibliographies

Starts in Alcove 11, moves to the downstairs, to the south end of the room (under Alcove 17), continues to the walls at back of Alcoves 3 and 4. Goes around Alcove 4 and then 3.

R018 - R027 Alcoves 3 and 2

R027 - R029 Alcove 2


National Encyclopedia Alcoves 2 and 1

Alcove 2: Americana, Appleton’s, Collier’s, Britannica
Alcove 2/1: World Book
Alcove 1: Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian and Italian
Continues in Room 301, Bookcases 31-61


Alcoves 7-10 and 24-28: starts in Alcove 7 and goes to the upstairs, bookcases between windows first, then snakes back to Alcoves 24-28.

National Union Catalog: center of the room, around the workstation table and Alcoves 6-8.
New York Public Library Catalog: starts in Alcove 10 (A-Cka), continues in Alcoves 24-28 (window side).

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