Roll of Honor

Midshipmen in the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps program pass in review just south of College Walk.

Robert L. Feldman

  • School: Columbia College, Graduate Faculties
  • Class Year: 1951, 1952
  • War: Korean War
  • Date of Death: December 10, 1952

Ensign Robert L. Feldman, U.S. Navy, died in an accident in a high-altitude flight experiment in which he asphyxiated, December 10, 1952, at Jacksonville Navy Air Station, Florida. He had planned to go back for his Ph.D. in physics.

Robert L. Feldman
Robert L. Feldman


Bob and I were the same year group and commisioned at the same time. We were both majoring in physics and math. Bob was quite brilliant and caring, I am sure, almost a straight A average. Had he lived and returned to this field of study. he surely would have made his mark, A great loss!
- James Lowe

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