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Newberry Holbrook

  • School: Columbia College, Engineering
  • Class Year: 1911, 1913
  • War: World War I
  • Date of Death: February 16, 1918

Newberry Holbrook, a City Club ambulance driver in France during World War I, died of typhoid fever, February 16, 1918.

Newberry Holbrook
Newberry Holbrook


Its amazing that 97 years after Newberry passed away in France our lives would by random chance cross paths. I found the letter sent to his "next of kin" by the American Legion on behalf of France inviting them to a ceremony in honor of all the U.S. soldiers which had died fighting for Frances freedom. France was presenting Memorial Certificates signed by the French President as a thank you. After reading the letter sent to his family I also found the actual certificate from France signed by their president. Both letter and certificate are in amazing condition considering the age. Both were found in a picture frame mounted behind a picture that has nothing to do with WW1, The American Legion or France. Needless to say I was shocked by the discovery and almost as shocked finding information about the soldier who was being honored. In an odd way I now feel a connetion to Newberry Holbrook. A name and face I never would have known if not for random chance. Thank you Newberry for fighting in a war and sacrificing your life so that 97 years later I am able to have the privilege of being a free American. I will honor and respect the certificate presented to your family by the president of France for your incomparable contribution to freedom everywhere.

- Trevor Kadletz

Newberry Holbrook
Newberry Holbrook

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