My List

The My List feature allows you to save records from a search result for use later. You can select and save records from a Titles list or you can save individual records. You can view these records later from the My List screen, or you can print, export or send records via e-mail. You can also delete records from the list.

  • From a Titles list, select records by checking the boxes next to those you want to save, then click on the "Add to List" button at the top or bottom of the page. You can check boxes on multiple pages before adding them to your list. On an individual record screen, click on "Add to My List" in the right-hand sidebar. If you are not already logged in, you will now be asked to log in to your library account with your UNI and password.
  • For each record in your list, the author, title, publisher's date, and the save date are shown. To view an individual record, click on the author. To return to the My List screen, click on the "My List" button. From the My List screen, you can return to your CLIO search by using your browser's back button.
  • To delete a record from your list, check the box next to the record and click on "Delete." To clear the entire list, check the "Select All" box at the top and click on "Delete."
  • To print, export to bibliographic software, or e-mail records from the list, select them using the checkboxes, and then use the buttons at the top or bottom of the list.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.