Search History

Search History displays a list of the most recent 20 searches performed during your current session.

Search History allows you to:

  • View previous searches
  • Re-execute or edit any previous searches within the same session
  • Combine your previous Advanced searches (they will be combined as with an AND operator).

Search History is presented as a table with the most recent searches at the bottom, and has the following columns:

  • Combine
    Contains boxes to check to combine searches (combining in the same way as the AND operator); the checkbox only appears for Advanced searches. Check the boxes and click on "Search" at the bottom. This feature is particularly useful if you need to do an Advanced search using more than three lines for entering your search. You can carry out separate Advanced searches and then combine them using this feature. Limits are not retained when you combine searches.
  • Search
    Describes each search, and the limits applied, if any. 
  • Search Type
    Basic and Advanced Search are the searches available from the main search screen; a Quick Search is one carried out using the "New Search" box available at the top of the screen after a search has been done.
  • Results
    Shows the number of retrieved catalog records, or indicates that a search resulted in a browsable headings list (for Author, Subject, Call number (begins with), and Series or anonymous work).
  • Actions
    • Click Re-run to re-execute the search
    • Click edit to make changes to the search
    • Click save to save the search to My Searches to re-run later (requires login)

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.