My Searches

My Searches displays a list of your saved searches, with the most recently saved search at the bottom of the list.  You can view and/or edit search strategies and re-run a search. 

Here are the elements in the list:

  • Combine
    Contains boxes to check to combine searches (combining in the same way as the AND operator); the checkbox only appears for Advanced searches. Check the boxes and click on "Search" at the bottom. This feature is particularly useful if you need to do an Advanced search using more than three lines for entering your search. You can carry out separate Advanced searches and then combine them using this feature. Limits are not retained when you combine searches.
  • Search
    Describes each search, and the limits applied, if any. 
        Descriptions of Advanced searches are incomplete: searches for words from the Publisher, Contents/Notes, Place of Publication, Form/Genre terms, Opus/Thematic No., and Publisher No., will not display in the Search column, but those elements will still be searched.  Advanced searches which only search these elements cannot be saved in My Searches.  This is a software bug.  To save searches of these elements, do a Keyword (Boolean) search using the appropriate keyword codes: PUBL (for publisher), PUBP (place of publication), FORM (form/genre term), OPUS, NOTE, and NPUB (publication number).
  • Search Type
    Basic and Advanced Search are the searches available from the main search screen; a Quick Search is one carried out using the "New Search" box available at the top of the screen after a search has been done.
  • Actions
    • Click Re-run to re-execute the search
    • Click edit to make changes to the search
    • Click delete to remove the search from your list

Saving a search to My Searches

  1. Do one or more searches in CLIO. 
  2. Click on the Search History link (with the magnifying glass icon) to view all the searches in your current session.
  3. Move searches to My Searches by clicking on Save in the Actions column.

If you are unable to log in to My Searches

Saved Searches between CLIO classic and CLIO are incompatible. If you are unable to log in to My Searches, you will need to go to CLIO classic and delete your author, subject, and guided keyword searches:

  • Some searches saved in CLIO classic will not work properly in CLIO and having certain types of saved searches from CLIO classic (namely author, subject, guided keyword) will make it impossible to view or save searches in CLIO.
  • Searches saved in CLIO will fail in CLIO classic.
  • If you are unable to view Saved Searches in CLIO: Go to CLIO classic and delete any saved author, subject or guided keyword searches. You will now be able to log in and save searches in CLIO.

Be sure to Log out when you are finished using Saved Searches.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.