Author (results grouped by title)


An Author (results grouped by title) search retrieves materials by author or composer, displayed in a list sorted alphabetically by the title of the work with all editions grouped together. This search is most useful when trying to locate works by prolific authors or composers, such as Shakespeare or Beethoven, which exist in multiple editions. Do not use this search to find works by a second author, or by editors, performers, contributors, translators, etc. For these, try a plain author search instead.

Search Strategies

Boolean Operators and Search Limits do not function in an Author Sorted by Title search.

Select Author (results grouped by title) from the search options and enter the last name followed by the first name.

Search:  shakespeare william
Finds: william shakespeare

For names with connectives (van, von, der), follow the conventions of the person's country or language.

Search:  beethoven ludwig
Finds: ludwig van beethoven

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.