Print / Save / Email

In the Print/Save/Email box that appears at the bottom of each results list or single CLIO record, there are options for downloading your records in various ways. You can:
  • print records
  • save records as a text file
  • import records into EndNote bibliographic software
  • e-mail records
  • save records to your Bookbag for later downloading

You can also save your search strategy, if you think you might want to repeat a very complex search later.


To Download Records

If you are looking at a title results list, tag each record you wish to download by checking the box on the left-hand side of the record. Scroll to the bottom and choose "Selected On Page" from the "Which Records?" column on the left. Click on "Display for Print/Save".

To import all the records on the page, choose "All on Page" before clicking on "Display for Print/Save".

If you are looking a catalog record for a single item, just click on "Display for Print/Save".

Display Options

When you click on "Display for Print/Save" the records are displayed as a plain text file. The drop-down list after "Select Print/Save Format" provides a choice of three formats for printing or saving - Short Citation, Brief View and Full View. The Brief Citation format includes only the author, title and publishing information needed for a citation (as well as the item's location), while the Brief View and the Full View correspond to those item record displays in CLIO. When the text format of your record or list of records displays, use the Web browser's Print option to print it, or the Web browser's Save As option to save it to a disk or computer.


To import records to EndNote, choose the EndNote format option from the drop-down list. More information on using EndNote with CLIO.

The MARC format options can be ignored.

E-mailing Records

To e-mail a record or a list of records, just enter the e-mail address in the box and click on "Email". Records are e-mailed as plain text in the Full View format, although there are sometimes fields that do not display in the e-mailed record, particularly fields containing diacritics (accents, cedillas, umlauts, etc.).

Downloading Records from More than One Page of a List

To download selected records from multiple pages of a results list, first select those on the first page that are to be downloaded by checking their boxes, then click the "Retain Selected" button at the bottom of the list (above Print/Save/Email). Move to the next page using the "Next" button or a page jump option. Make your selections by checking boxes and click the "Retain Selected" button for each page. Repeat this on all pages throughout the search results list. When all your selections are made, choose the "Selected All Pages" option from the "Which Records?" column in the Print/Save/Email box and proceed to "Display for Print/Save".

Alternative Strategies

You can use the Print button of your Web browser to print the CLIO pages in the format displayed on the screen.

You can cut and paste records into email or other documents by using the Edit options of your Web browser.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.