Looking for Conference Proceedings?

Search Strategies

Use a Keyword search to search for conferences. On the Basic Search screen, select Keyword from the search options and enter distinctive words of the conference name using "and" to combine words. For more precision use the name or words from the name of the sponsoring organization.

programming language design implementation acm
algebraic methodology 10th

You may also use the Guided Keyword search option to search for conferences. In the Guided Keyword search option, use multiple search boxes and drop-down menus to enter distinctive words from the conference name and sponsoring organization of the conference. Select the appropriate Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT - to combine search terms.  For best results do not type AND, OR, NOT within the Guided Keyword search boxes, and do not combine unlike operators between boxes.  If operators are used, they should be all AND or all OR.

You may use a Subject search on the Basic Search screen to search for conferences. On the Basic Search screen, select Subject from the search options and enter a Library of Congress subject heading or Medical Subject Heading with an appropriate subdivision/subheading. For many Library of Congress Subject Headings or Medical Subject Headings congresses is the predefined subdivision/subheading for conference, meeting, symposium, congress, workshop, etc. materials.

algebraic logic congresses

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.