Search History


The Search History button will display on the tool bar at the top of the screen after you have completed at least one search.

The Search History screen displays a list of the searches you have performed during your current session (i.e. all searches performed without logging out of the catalog).

Search History allows you to:

  • view previously performed searches
  • re-execute or edit any previous searches within that same session
  • combine your previous Guided Keyword searches (they will be combined as with an AND operator)

Search History is presented as a table with the following columns:

Combine Click boxes to combine Guided Keyword searches (as with an AND operator).
Edit Click to return to the original search screen for that search.
Hits Shows the number of retrieved catalog records or indicates the browse optionused for searches resulting in a browsable Headings List (author, subject, callnumber, etc).
Search Type Indicates the type of search performed (Title, Author, Keyword, etc.).
Search For Indicates the search term(s), or search strategy, used.

The most recent search is displayed in the top row of the Search History table, the oldest is in the bottom row.


Click on the Search History button at the top of the screen.

View your search history, i.e. the searches performed previously, as presented in the table.

Click on a number in the Edit column to return to the original screen for that search. You may then edit your search strategy if you choose.

Click on the search term(s) in the Searched For column to re-execute this same search.

Select the checkboxes in the Combine column to combine Guided Keyword searches and click Search Button to execute your search

Select New Search to search again without clearing the Search History.

Search History is especially useful if when conducting a Guided Keyword search you need more search boxes to get more refined results. After having used all available search boxes on the Guided Keyword Search screen you can do a new Guided Keyword Search with additional terms and then combine all searches from the Search History screen.

Limits used for each search previously performed and listed in a Search History table will not work when using a search found in Search History. Re-executing a search that originally had Limits set could cause you to receive a different results list than when Limits were in effect.

Unless cleared before using Search History, the current Limits in effect (if left from the most recent search) will affect all searches edited, re-executed or combined from within Search History.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.