The Bookbag feature allows you to save records from a search result for use later. You can select and save records from a Titles list or you can save individual records. You can view these records later from a Bookbag screen. You can also edit, print, save, or send records via email. You can also delete records from your Bookbag.

NOTE: You must Login in order to use your Bookbag.

Selecting and Saving Records From a Titles List

Select records by clicking in the check boxes next to the records you want to save.

Click on the Save To Bookbag button in the Print/Save/Email box at the bottom of the page. You must do this before moving to the next page of a Titles list.

Repeat the above process on each page until done.

Alternative Option

You can select records from several pages before saving to Bookbag, but you must click on the Retain Selected button above the Print/Save/Email box on each page before moving to the next page. When you have finished selecting records, you must click on Selected all Pages under Which Records? in the Print/Save/Email box. Then, click on the Save to Bookbag button.

Saving Individual Records To Your Bookbag

Click on the Save To Bookbag button in the Print/Save/Email box at the bottom of the Brief View or Long View display of an individual record.

Viewing Your Bookbag

Click on the Bookbag button at the top of the page or on the highlighted text Bookbag at the very bottom of the screen. The Bookbag screen will be displayed. The screen consists of a list of records saved. For each record, the author, title, publisher's date, and the save date are shown. To view an individual record, click on either the author or the title. To return to the Bookbag screen, click on the Bookbag button.

From the Bookbag screen, you can return to the Titles list by clicking on Titles button on the navigation bar.

Deleting Records From Your Bookbag

On the Bookbag screen, select a record to delete by clicking on the check box next to the record you want to delete. Click on the Delete Selected Titles button.

To delete all records from you Bookbag, click on the Clear Bookbag button.

Print/Save/Email Records From Your Bookbag

To print/save records, select a Print/Save Format from the drop down menu in the Print/Save/Email box. Click on the Display for Print/Save button in the Print/Save/Email box. The records in your Bookbag will be displayed in a plain text format on a new page.

To print this page, use the Print feature of your web browser.

To save, select Save As... from your web browser's File menu. Name the file with a .txt extension and click on the Save button.

To e-mail records, enter the full e-mail address (e.g. in the Print/Save/Email box and click on the Email button.

Use the web browser's Back button to return to the Bookbag screen

Be sure to Logout when you are finished using Bookbag.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.