CLIO Record Views

CLIO offers 3 types of record views: Brief, Full and MARC. Each view includes many elements of the record.

In the Brief and Full views, some elements within the record are clickable. When clicked on, a search within CLIO will be performed using this element.

The display returns to the default, i.e. Brief, view each time you enter a new search or logout.

CLIO displays the first 10,000 records, 50 at a time. You can look at one record at a time and move to the previous or next record by using the Previous and Next buttons located at the top and the bottom of the record display.

Brief View

This is the default view. It includes the following:

Author clickable
Uniform Title clickable
Series Title clickable
Physical Description  
  url/web link (if applicable)

LC/MeSH Subjects clickable
Material Type  
Holdings in alphabetical
  order by library location
Call Number clickable
Status (circulation)  
For serials only:
  Continues (title)
  Continued by (title)


Full View

You may select the Full record view by clicking on the Full button at the top of the results screen. This view includes all of the information that is on the Brief view, plus the following:

  • • Added entries (authors and/or titles)    clickable
  • • Notes (may include table of contents)
  • • Indexed by


You may select the MARC view by clicking on the MARC button at the top of the results screen. This is the Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) record. It includes all elements of the record including the MARC tagging. No elements are clickable from this view.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.