Looking for Series?


Monographic series are books from a single publisher which share the same broad topic or subject and a collective title for the series as a whole. These books are issued in succession and can, but do not always, have a volume number. Each book in the series usually has its own distinct title. CLIO may have a bibliographic record for the series as a whole as well as a bibliographic record for each volume/book in the series.


  • Methods in Ecology
  • Advances in experimental medicine and biology

Search Strategies

The best way to search for a series title is to use a Uniform Title search. The More Info button may refer you from the unauthorized form of a series title to the authorized one. By clicking on the series title you will get records for all individual volumes in the series held by the libraries, arranged alphabetically by title.  You can resort this list by date to see the most recent titles in the series.

Use a Title search on the series title to find volumes of the series arranged numerically.  Volumes will be listed in "computerized" numerical order: 10 100 101, 102... 11, 110,111, etc.

Alternative Search Options

You can search books published as parts of the series by the individual volume or book's author or title using the Author or Title basic search.

Search the series title using a Title search. In some instances you will see the following CLIO message:

    "Search under individual Author/Title for items in this series"

If you don't know the author or the title of an individual volume in the series, do a Keyword search using words from the series title and combine them with the volume number or the publication year of the individual volume.


  • Search:  "advances in experimental"  580
  • Finds:  advances in experimental medicine and biology, volume 580

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.