Search Limits

Search Limits allow you to narrow your search. You can apply search limits to Keyword  and Title searches only. You cannot apply search limits to Author, Subject, Uniform Title, Call Number or Course Reserves searches. There are three options for limiting searches.

1.  The Quick Limit menu appears on the Basic Search screen.

  • These limits do no function in Subject, Author, or Call Number searches.
  • The menu includes the most commonly used limits, including all electronic resources, video recordings, music sound recordings, etc.
  • A Quick Limit stays in effect until reset to NONE.

The full selection of Search Limits can be accessed in two ways:

2.  Use the Pre-set Limits button, available from the Basic or the Guided Keyword Search screens.

  • This option allows you to apply multiple limits to Keyword and Title searches.
  • Options include language, library location, medium, format, date of publication, and place of publication.
  • These limits must be put into effect BEFORE you enter a search.
  • They DON'T WORK with Subject, Author, or Call Number Searches on the basic search screen.
  • They remain in effect for all subsequent searches, until the Clear Limits button is selected.

3.  Or use the Post Limit button, which appears at the top of any title results list.

  • This option allows you to apply multiple limits to the existing search results set.
  • Post Limits will remain in effect for all subsequent searches done from the search bar at the top of the results list.  However, they will no longer apply once you return to the basic or guided keyword search screen.  


Select multiple limits within one category (e.g., French and Arabic language) by holding down the Control key and clicking on each desired limit.

Jump quickly to the alphabet range of the language, format, collection location or publisher by typing the first letter of the word (e.g., type "s" to move to Spanish).

When using Search History to repeat previous searches, the search limits in effect are only the current ones. To restore previous search limits, use the Clear Limits button to clear the current limits, reset the previous limits, then select the Set Limits button. Return to the Search History screen and repeat the search.

Search limits can be very useful for refining search results in CLIO, but they should be used with caution. Information used for each of the limits categories is not always recorded in all catalog records. If relevant material is not retrieved after setting limits, clear the limits and repeat the search.

Information on Specific Limits

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.