Looking for E-Journals?

Search Strategies

Electronic Journals have distinct records, separate from those for the paper editions, in the CLIO catalog. You can limit your search to include only electronic journals in two ways.

Quick Limits (used on Basic Search screen only):

  • On the Basic search screen, click on electronic journals/newspapers from the Quick Limit menu (below the "Enter Search" box)
  • Enter your search terms and then select either Journal Title or Keyword search from the search options list.

Pre-set Limits (may be used on Basic or Guided Keyword Search screens):

  • Click on the Pre-set Limits button.
  • Go to Medium menu and click on electronic resources.
  • Go to Format menu and click on serials.
  • Click on Set Limits button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your search terms and then select a Journal Title or Keyword search on the Basic Search screen or Keywords in Title or Keywords Anywhere on the Guided Keyword search screen.

Alternative Search Options

The records for many e-journals in CLIO include the words "online" or "electronic resource." You may search these by adding these terms to your keyword search.


  • newsweek  online
  • newsweek "electronic resource"

If you know the name of the publisher of a collection of e-journals, add the publisher's name as a term in a keyword search.


  • jstor history

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.