Keyword With Relevance Ranking


A Keyword With Relevance Ranking search allows you to search for any word(s) or phrase(s). Search results are displayed as a Ranked Keyword Title List in an order determined by a relevancy algorithm. Ranking factors include:

  • Uniqueness of search terms within the database
  • Proximity of search terms to each other within the catalog record
  • Number of different search terms present in a catalog record
  • Number of times a search term occurs in specific areas of the catalog record (e.g., subject heading, author, title).

If you enter multiple terms, CLIO will retrieve records containing all of the terms.

Search Strategies

All words will be searched including "and", "or", "not", "the", "a", "la", "das", etc.

Boolean operators do not function in Keyword With Relevance Ranking searches.

Use a question mark ? to search variant endings or spellings.

Search:  desconstructivis?
Finds: deconstructivism, deconstructivist, etc.
Search: colo?r
Finds: color, colour, color, Colomer, Colombier, etc.

Use quotation marks to search for phrases:

Search:  "global warming"

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.