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This multi-catalog search allows you to search CLIO, EDUCAT (Teachers College Library catalog), and Pegasus (Law Library catalog) simultaneously using the CLIO interface. This search option is primarily a discovery tool for identifying titles in our affiliated libraries. Searches retrieve no more than 500 records per catalog, which are interfiled alphabetically by title. Search options and holdings information are less complete than in the individual catalogs. For more complete information on a specific item, please search each catalog separately:

Search Strategies

There are four search options: Title, Author, Subject, and Keyword:

Title To search by title, select Title (start of title) from the search options and type the exact title or the first few words of the title.

sun also rises
american sociological review
journal of forensic med

Always omit initial articles (a, an, the, das, un, el, la, l', etc.) in any language.

petit prince not Le Petit Prince
red and the black not the red and the black

Title searches do not retrieve individual articles in journals.
Search limits are not available in Broadcast Search.
If you are uncertain of the exact form, try variations:

• Numbers as numerals or words: 50 or fifty
• Terms as one word or two: child care or childcare
• Terms as hyphenated or one word: e-mail or email
• And or &: war and peace or war & peace

Author To search by author, select Author (last name, first name) from the search options, and type the last name followed by the first name. If the author is an organization, type the organization’s name in normal word order. The search results provide an alphabetically organized list of authors beginning with the search words that were entered.

For individuals, enter last name first:

Search: sontag susan
Finds: susan sontag

For organizations or groups, enter names in normal word order:

Search: national academy of sc
Finds: national academy of science etc.

For names with connectives (von, de la, der, etc.), follow the conventions of the author’s country or language or try placement variations.

Search: gogh vincent van
Finds: vincent van gogh

Subject To search by Library of Congress Subject Heading (LSCH) or Medical Subject Heading (MeSH), select Subject from the search options and type as much of the authorized Library of Congress or Medical Subject Heading that you know, starting at the beginning of the heading.

• Library of Congress example: indians of north america
• Medical Subject Heading example: heart artificial

If you don’t know the correct LC or Medical subject heading, return to regular CLIO by clicking on the large CLIO label on the top left of the screen, and enter either a Title or Keyword search. Then copy the authorized subject heading(s) from a relevant bibliographic record or from a See reference. Return to All CU Catalogs, choose the catalogs you wish to search, select search option Subject, and past the heading into the search box.

Keyword To search by keyword, select Keyword (single word or phrase) from the search options, and type a search word or phrase, using distinctive words.

Only single word or simple phrase searches are available; Boolean operators do not work consistently. If more than one word is entered, the words will be searched together as a phrase.

To find a term with variant endings, search the partial word followed by a question mark (?).

Search: child?
Finds: child, children, childhood, etc.

If you would like further assistance, Ask a Librarian for help.